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I'm Karl I'm 35 years old I'm no Adonis but I'm not ugly People say I'm handsome I'm tall I work out but we'll talk about this later He's a jobseeker now I live in a nice little family house with my wife Her name is Agnes and she's five years younger than me She's a very beautiful decorative woman She's got long dark brown hair under her shoulder blue eyes tiny breasts and a shapely figure We're fine no kids and somehow our sex life is at an impasse When we met ten years ago we were like rabbits When we could have had each other any place any time Now it's gone I'm glad you let me in once or twice
We started working out together and he became addicted to it when he realized his butt was going down and he was getting tighter and the number of men who turned on him got bigger After a while I didn't go out with him so I let him enjoy his peeps alone I was separated not as much as he was but I liked to keep my eyes on Pretty Girls while they were sweating on the treadmill in front of me Our relationship worked but not sex I used a gym and porn to channel all the pent-up tension I had time because my wife was working I had all day jerking off and homework
I've tried to talk to him about our sexual problem many times but not with much success So I figured I'd get him drunk and see if he'd talk
February 14thI pretended to sleep this morning while he was getting ready for work I watched with one eye as he threw off his bedroom dress and looked at himself in the mirror She had a beautiful figure With one foot she stood on her toes bending her knees holding her hair with one hand and turning in front of the mirror She posed herself she was happy with her figure I guess He had no fat on his body because of all the exercise and the muscles appeared which emphasized his shapely body enormously Her breasts were tight her pussy was shaved her skin slightly brown And then he went to the bathroom from the bedroom and I heard him let the water in the shower I knew this would take him like 20 minutes I jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen I made him toast scrambled eggs butter jam coffee and orange juice And then I ran out to the garage to get the hidden red roses I put in a vase for breakfast Then I hurried back to the room I slowed down and opened the door He's almost finished dressing
- Good Morning - Good Morning - he told me
- Morning - morning - I told him back from Foggy and I kept walking towards the bed
- You don't know what day it is Do you? - he asked his voice sounded offended
- I think it's Thursday or Wednesday I don't know I'm going back to bed Have a good day
I fell into bed and continued my game My wife hurried away and slammed the door behind her
I played my part so well I fell asleep When I woke up it was like 11: 00 I got up took care of my things in the bathroom and then I went to the kitchen to check on what happened I took a detour on the way to the living room and turned on my laptop I noticed the roses moved from the kitchen to the coffee table in the living room I pushed the swinging door between the living room and the kitchen and I walked in the kitchen He ran out of everything some that he completely destroyed As I started packing up the ruins I was wondering what to do about tonight I knew you'd be working late so I have time for everything
I packed up and went to my computer I checked my mail looked at what I had to do online and then went up to see what new porn films had been posted online I started downloading some pieces And then I opened the porn movie folder and started watching one of them I especially like lesbian movies when a dick gets in the way of my life If I'm watching something with a man in it I like it when it really humiliates women I had a choice in a lesbian movie right now and I started grabbing myself I knew I'd have to do this a few more times tonight to keep up with myself if I had to
I haven't done a lot of things in the course of the day I've jerked off a couple of times of course they don't really give me any pleasure I've packed up I've prepared the place for the evening I cooked my wife's favorite food I'm lucky it's spaghetti so I didn't have much to do I lit a bunch of candles in the living room set the table then changed and waited
I heard when his car stopped in front of the house it was 7: 00 pm It was dark outside I peeked through the curtains In the light of the lamp I saw him walking down the little sidewalk towards the House He was wearing a dark knee-length canvas jacket dark-colored tights and high heels After a few moments I could hear him with his keys and go into the Hall I went to meet him


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