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I was a little shy back then For my friends she's a little tall slim medium breasts and a nice little butt My golden brown hair up to my shoulders and my brown eyes were supposed to be quite beautiful I was a good student and I was an athlete so my parents should be really proud of me
I had only just found her in December 13 and I had already considered myself a prudent woman In school I wasn't very popular or a loser My friends and I used to have a lot of fun and one of the boys Zoli was so nice and understanding that I was seriously considering going out with him
One cold weekend my parents suddenly announced they were going skiing and they're dumping me over to their relatives for that time Even though I was really mad at them I didn't disagree so I ended up at my cousin's They lived in a big four-bedroom apartment one room for the parents a living room and one room for my two cousins Tommy and Barbie
Tom was a 15-year-old boy quite handsome with a slightly bad school record
Barbie turned 13 in the fall average height full-bodied girl with curly black hair and blue eyes
That night Barbie was sleeping at a friend's house and my aunt who divorced her husband earlier went to the nearest mall to get dinner So I was alone with Tommy
We got lost in the living room on the couch watching TV I turned it on and then we ended up in a comedy where a married couple soon got involved in bed I was so bored with the movie I told Tommy And he got up and stood in front of me
- Let's do what they do in the movie - he told me and then he climbed on top of me and pushed me down the couch He touched my neck with one hand pulled up my skirt with the other and started poking around my pussy I couldn't tell you in surprise but I moaned a lot because I had quite a nice movement of his hands between my legs
In the meantime she slowly got out of my clothes and took off her clothes He took me to his room laid me back on the bed and laid on me His dick was already hard and slightly bent down so it was hard for him to just push it into my tunnel Anyway after a few minutes of trying he entered me sending his dick all the way up
It hurt so much I cried but he just started moving inside me Though I was beginning to enjoy it at the end Tom suddenly pulled his pole out of me put it in my hand and shot me with some white material Then we got dressed and I didn't dare tell anyone
I started dating Zoli and we were doing very well and we kissed and hugged a lot and sometimes I even let him touch me here and there even though he wasn't nearly as intrusive as Tomi and he was a little shy
The next time I came to Tomi's housea year later during summer vacation Then there was his friend Roli a real muscular blond boy admired by all the girls I wasn't entirely indifferent to him either but what happened last night I didn't expect Because the two of them were in the same room and I was in the other room with Barb
When Barbie was asleep Roli looked through the door and called me
- Come on little girl let me show you something
I knew what he wanted but I went to their room anyway Roli was naked his big dick was staring at him He came up to me kissed me undressed me and laid me on the bed Slowly it got into my pussy and then in the middle of intense kisses it started fucking I really enjoyed making love to her especially when we changed positions and I could ride her while she was working out my round breasts by then Finally he got his dick out of me laying his crop on my belly
After working me so well he took me back to bed and gave me another kiss But I could not rest for the door opened an hour later and Tom came in naked To my surprise I was lying in bed with a sperm and a sweaty body half-covered half-naked ignoring me but lying next to the Barbie in the pajamas
- Spread your legs sister
- No not now
- But I want you so bad
- There's Timi get in there
- But you're much prettier than Timi because he's barely got tits and he's got a tight pussy 'Tom explained which offended me very much but I kept pretending to sleep and eavesdrop
- Well if that's the case come on
At first it was just a breather then a groan and then a Squawk signalled the breach Barbie was lying there on the bed kicking down all the pillows and blankets while occasionally peeing like Little Pigs I was surprised their mother didn't check things out Eventually they both went quiet and I fell asleep too
I made love to Roli three more times this week I even gave her a blow job once and Tom caught me twice It was quite enjoyable with him after all I just had to lie on my back and enjoy his otherwise not-so-small penis()


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