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Hello everyone Well here's the sequel I ended up with Andi going home The rest of the day was pretty crappy mostly sleeping and resting I got a message from Andi that if I wanted to I could go over there I didn't say anything but I secretly hoped something would happen I got my shit together and went Her mom answered the door and it made me a little sad ' cause if her parents are home it's probably nothing I entered the house and the Andi was there She came to me and whispered in my ear two kisses that I was a little early because her parents hadn't left yet but they're leaving soon I got that feeling back in me
I sat down and watched her parents leave in a hurry As soon as they left we went up to the Andi's room The door almost didn't close after us we were already hitting on each other and we were caressing and kissing each other I was so happy and I thought to myself " this night has a lot of excitement and surprises" Suddenly we heard a big noise from the House And the Andi said " Oh no But my sister came home and she said she wasn't coming home until dawn Damn it's ruining our night We left the room But luckily it was just his mom He forgot something and in a hurry he knocked something over and that's what we heard He called us from the door to be good for the night and they'll come tomorrow We answered almost at the same time that we were going to be good and each of us had a dirty smile on our faces Andi suggested that it would be nice to shave her pussy ' cause she's getting a little bit hairy and she really wants me to do it for her Of course I was in on it
He took my hand and we went to the bathroom He put the tools in my hand and quickly took off all his clothes I covered her pussy with my foamy hand You could really feel it poking a little The lubrication began to pass into a caress which he enjoyed very much for he closed his eyes and licked his lips and bit them and breathed deeper and deeper I was starting to feel the same way about it so I thought that was enough so I stopped and he told me to do it again I just told him I'd pick it up later And in response to that I was told that I was evil but he was smiling I cleaned her pussy very carefully After the operation he stood up and said I was good All of a sudden he reached into the bottom of my pants and started stroking my pussy and he said " take off your clothes you need to get cleaned up"
He took his hand out of my pants and put his finger in his mouth after he dipped it in my den
He helped me undress or rather tore my clothes off For a guy who pulled away from it the day before he wanted it all the more In the meantime you managed to excite me by "caressing" I wanted him to stop too but I didn't tell himI knew there would be a sequel We went into the room and talked for a while We caressed each other kissed each other It was really good I wanted him more and more I laid her on her back kissed her lips sucked her tits and caressed her wherever I could find her I licked her body licked almost every inch of her body It was all shiny Her body wriggled while I was sucking on her nipples biting She screamed small because she really enjoyed what I did to her and I knew it and I enjoyed it for a long time With my hands I could feel it all wet I wanted to smell that pussy in my mouth again I lay my head between his legs and slowly I dragged my tongue through the grooves of his beautiful pussy
I thought he was gonna come but he's not I threw myself eagerly and deeply into her pussy and I barely had to lick her and she'd already come pouring her fluids in my mouth It was so loud so much fun for the sweet I licked her pussy clean I enjoyed doing it He soon recovered and began to indulge me I really liked what he did to me because the way he was alive in life he was so tender While he was kissing my body his delicate hands aroused my sensitive nipples He pecked it pulled it put it in his mouth licked it bit it They've never been as tough as when I was with him He knew exactly what they wanted I couldn't help myself I was in a rush and I was on the verge of enjoying myself and he barely touched my pussy He took off my panties and caressed my pussy kissed my pussy I was running in streams Just as I was about to come he suddenly jumped up I thought someone was here but they weren't He ran out of the room and just said he'd come up with something good
I got a little angry that he could have done it for a few more seconds But he's back already With a giant vibrator in his hand - I took it from my sister's room and interestingly it has batteries in it()


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