Spreadeagle bonded slave squirts while toyed

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In the year of the Lord 1492 when there were great wars in Europe against the Turks When the Hunyadies triumphed at Nándorfehérvár A brave Portuguese traveler had a great plan in mind He'll go around the Turks and get to India from the other side The plan was grandiose and offered great business benefits However it needed vessels So he went to see his king in Portugal and asked him to meet him He was a great traveler so they let him in He presented to the King a plan for which he wanted five ships But the King laughed at him called him mad and gave him no ship
- You want me to give you five ships to look one by one at the edge of the world? "said the king who faithfully believes the Earth is flat" He is very desperate but he has heard that his king and the king of Spain are not exactly good friends and perhaps that is why he will give him ships He was so crazy he got on a horse and went to Spain
One night on the way he stayed at a village inn The inn wasn't very big but it was a free and cheap room good and good food drink plenty of it So he took a room went downstairs ate drank and got into a conversation with the tavern keeper While he was talking he didn't notice that the tavern keeper's wife was watching him from behind the counter The hostess liked sex but her husband hasn't given it to her in a while It is no wonder that the tavern keeper secretly had three young lovers in the village She wasn't a bad lady but she had the age on her With his eyes he gazed eagerly at the man sitting at the table who told of his adventures in the world to his happier and drunkard husband Her panties were getting wet and hotter His hands began to wander
Meanwhile the men conversed and drank wine The barmaid's hand was rubbing her pussy through her clothes He poured another pint of wine for the two men but he took it from the strongest and to their table As he looked at the traveler he had seen he felt he was almost drawn to his lap It took a great deal of strength to keep his pants off He wanted to rip his pants off and ride him on the spot
The wine cellar He sat down in a secluded spot and rolled up his skirt and started to excite himself His hands were wild at the entrance of the clitoris and the vagina And then the image of that Dick going into her brain flashed At that moment he came He bit and squeezed his mouth and his pussy was covered in lustre covered the ground around him and then he fell to the ground His hands were still on his throbbing pussy And then he slowly felt his release and a hot liquid pouring out of the ground He peed himself from the orgasm The little water added a little more to the experience
It must have taken him a few minutes to get back on his feet The plan has been made to get the Traveler for the night So he went out washed off the dirt and the lustful went back and sat down with the gentlemen He sat next to our hero and watched his master speak of politics and Commerce His hands began to wander slowly through the thighs of our hero and after a few minutes they were massaging his growing masculinity through the trousers Our hero calm and calm let the experienced hands of the tavern-keeper climb deeper and deeper into his pants That is until he had the hard-core manhood in his hands The tavern keeper then slowly pulled it out of her pants and gently pulled the already stiff penis under the table
He was pleased to learn that our hero's pants had hidden a large and thick tool Just what he needs right now She continued to watch her husband holding wine in one hand and beating a fat cock in the other He felt the tail getting more tense and he was about to break out Well he's been stepping up the pace a little bit He watched the man's temple drop a lot of slow sweat drops down and his face looked like he was struggling
The host having drunk the third jug of wine did not sense any of this of course But our hero does He felt that the work of the tavern-keeper would reach its climax in moments and it would soon pass The tavern-keeper also felt that the end was coming so she carefully stepped up the pace Our hero then pressed one hand against the edge of the table and the other against the metal cup Then suddenly the moment came and he felt that he could no longer stand it and he came The tavern-keeper almost came himself as she felt the enormous cock in her hand as she began to pump her white sweet delight He was very good with the tool and he was very gentle with it so that the spew of semen would not accidentally go to the master but rather to the bottom of the table Our hero's face was slowly relieved and his tail began to droop
However the tavern-keeper's hand continued to caress and hold his cock()


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