Little English Cherry destroyed by dominant male

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Next week I had no problems I knew Peter wasn't home he was out of the country but I didn't miss him that much I was busy with my work and it filled my soul my body
After a few days however the time came when I could not sleep again It's not like I'm going to get laid I was tossing and turning and the second day I didn't sleep I've been up and down three times The third time I didn't even come my brain just popped empty I couldn't take it anymore This morning I could hardly face the mirror because I know how my rising nymphomania turns my face
Peter even though he wasn't home yet I knew I wouldn't call him I didn't wear any panties that day ' cause that's what irritates me I mean irrigate I walked because I couldn't drive my car I reached down the elevator and reached up my skirt clitched a little bit but the elevator came down fast and I had to stop That really freaked me out
I've been wandering around work all day I had all these stupid spinsters around me in kindergarten so what was I supposed to do with them? Even the small-group preschoolers I had no patience for them that day so I entrusted them to Margitka the nanny And I went to the bathroom to finish what I left in the elevator Unfortunately I forgot my vibrator at home this morning I went through my vagina with four fingers and even though I came soon I knew I was missing a spillage of cum and there was nothing to replace it except the male body above me
I couldn't help myself and I left kindergarten early
I wasn't getting on the tramI was walking down the street The school's across the streetthe morning plant was just over The kids are out of high school I suddenly found myself surrounded by a group of big cats They were loud and smelly and I was so distracted by avoiding them After seeing them you can't pass them like that I'm probably hysterical I called them stupid assholes I was on my way
One of the sassy boys said "I'm sure I couldn't make it last night" and if my boyfriend's so clumsy he'd be happy to make me talk to someone else"
I was angrily confronted by a blond teenager taller than me I just got a little tense I must have said something like " with his dick I'd need five more to even know I had something in me"
When I turned my back to them and left I heard the adolescent laughter behind me There was something that little blonde was yelling at me but I didn't get it When I turned the corner I saw him and his two friends chasing me
Soon they caught up with me and ranted with pretense I swallowed them as they walked half by me half behind me The blonde giggling she'd like to try out the five-time odds I watched the kid He was a big one
I had a tingling sensation Then I watched the other two One of those little boys with smaller freckles than me immature as a spring Apple Third a dumb wrestler-faced uppity-faced sports kid who takes a breath after just one push
I scolded them defiantly and then I answered the blonde because I thought it was something I told them to go home and pee themselves because that's what their tools are for They're obviously pissed off about it and I'm excited about the way they're upset
I turned around and headed for the tram stop I knew they'd follow me
On the tram they were barely there but they were standing all over me and I could smell the pervasive boy kans I said " What do you want now? go homemommy's lunch is getting cold" The blonde spoke Me Back said they were just trying to show me how wrong I was From the looks of your son I figured I couldn't be too wrong I looked at Little Red and I pointed it between my fingers and I think it's big for him They laughed said it was a big mistake because he might have the biggest one in the whole school I didn't think so I giggled but it's a nice boys ' school where a pussy like you is the coolest But I was intrigued
There are miracles and my experience can be wrong
I crossed the line but I was intrigued I stabbed again They still have breast milk on the edge of their mouths and besides mommy's boobs they don't know how to touch a woman That sounds like an invitation to the dance The blonde suddenly swung behind me and holding her tight reached for me to hold my arm down so that I could not move her and with two strong grip she put her hands on my tits That's how he kissed my neck There was a well-known tingling and I confess I liked the move I felt the boy's pushy warm lower body on my buttocks and the sudden stiffening hot cock on my buttocks
I couldn't even wake up from the stupor in a few seconds and it ran through my mind that we were on the tram I had a hard time getting out of the grip()


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