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The story I'm telling you happened when I was 18
I spent my middle school years in a small town in the Great Plains I played an active sport (handball) three times a week and the games on the weekends So I went to boarding school because the sun commuting was wearing me down It all started when the dorm was a co-ed dorm I was in the worst possible situation because my friends and classmates were getting laid long ago and I met one of the girls in my dorm Because my schedule was different from theirs When everyone went where they saw me in the afternoon I was studying ' cause I was working out at school and by the time I got to college it was curfew so I snuck out of that community a little bit
It was like that until I met Kati She was a little short-mouthed big-mouthed girl He used to tease me and flirt
When I got back from practice I was surprised to find there was a party at the dorm My friends were so excited when I got to the room(Because all the booze was always in my locker because they never looked through it) so we had a drink (which was pretty quick because of the exhausting workout) and then we went to the party I was a little brave about the alcohol and I went straight to Kati All along we were huddled together dancing kisses groping everything was pretty hot About 10: 00 the lights went on and the night teacher went to bed Kati whispered in my ear that she was waiting for me in their room at 11: 00 so I went through the window
What to do? my stomach was shaking even more than it used to be So we had two or three more glasses of wine in the bedroom before 11: 00 I jumped out one window and went in the other
I was so nervous I was shaking like I was cold I got in the bed with Kati and she was wearing a long shirt and panties There were bunk beds in the room together I thought she was asleep So we went into a kissing battle our hands went exploring my Katia was much more experienced than I was I got a little shy under her panties I felt completely naked in her pussy He moved right into my hand his hip was crawling all over the place my hands were all wet I started to wander down while he moved up a little bit so we could fit in the bed I had her panties in front of me and I was lying between her legs and I was kissing her through her panties and then I pulled her aside and I was struck by a scent I'd never seen before which still turns me on I started licking it off and her hips started rocking again and I could barely follow it with my tongue I didn't see anything because he pulled the blanket over US Suddenly I hear my Kate speak
- He's a good Licker
By the time I realized Mari was up there with us
But I just kept going and he just grabbed my head and pulled me up and kissed me long and greedy and he didn't care that I had his juice all over my face
Then he put his arm around me and whispered it in my ear:
- I want you inside me
As soon as he said that he pulled down my pants with two hands and grabbed my dick Without a doubt she pulled her panties aside and put things in place
It all happened so fast that I just leaned on my hands and couldn't move But that feeling was indescribable and even to this day when you get into a wet pussy that warmth that delicate grip it feels like heaven Since Mariak said something earlier I looked to the right to see if he was watching us but he pretended to be asleep
Kati literally pulled me over with her hips going up and down like she fucked me And the bed creaked a little I was watching who else woke up But I didn't see any movement so I started moving deeper and deeper into my little girlfriend He was breathing in my ear about it After a few minutes Kati's movement began to breathe rapidly and suddenly she felt as if she had sprained her nails into my back and after a little quiet scream she became motionless For a moment or two I was still (But I haven't felt anything yet I don't know why it's the booze()


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