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Spring Summer The quilt was too hot at night and at 10: 00 am forgetting the refreshment of the morning shower the collar of my white shirt was almost on my skin In addition a long weeks-long trial ended unexpectedly the reception was cancelled even though we worked out the contract we prepared the complete documentation I even had the video camera with me to record the status of the transfer "You go to the office I'll go home to change I'll be there soon" said My colleague but after saying " Don't forget to cancel lunch at the Sarandi it's not really a good time" I'm going to take a quick shower at home then make some salad with some sauce and I don't feel like doing anything else in this heat ' I shuddered at the elaborate Sarandi dishes
After a good half-hour I turned into our street: "no shadows" I thought feeling the caress of the sudden summer while looking for the door key but then I found a great shade in a cross street: "twenty more steps what will you do for me?" I go home on foot but I can see from the corner that Eszti is home-my wife-or at least left the car at home in front of the House Of course I don't think he went to work on foot This is a surprise there is telepathy for on the way I remembered that I might be able to lure him home now not be alone and continue with the nightly caress Between two steps I took out a coin to help me see the future so that I could decide by head or by writing whether he was home or on foot? Heads So you're home - I pulled the toss scale When I came to the side of the car I hit the hood and I could feel it was still very warm even though the sun was hot which means it had just arrived I was looking for the intercom button first but I changed my mind I'm going to go check out the one-summer new bed see what the landscaper had in mind for us The seedlings are beautiful the ground is freshly raked but the wheelbarrow and tools were in place: 'the boys were doing well I thought it was a real good job Maybe they're the reason my wife's home and they're still working things out? Anyway I'll bring you some champagne and if we drink it together the salad the bath and the sex will give it away I walked into the house from my office and there's always a couple of bottles of drinks in my fridge even though it's nice to have a few tasty sips My key opens the lock quietly I'm surprised the alarm's off here too maybe I forgot to alarm it?
I heard voices in the hall a familiar man's voice and the year's Yeah an old client of hers she used to tell me all about it like she does all the nice things for him all the time The fruit of his work judged by the sounds and even as I got closer to the door of my office in the darker foreground I could see through the smoke-coloured door glass so that they could not see me from the bright room they could only see themselves as if they were in a mirror for the noise-proof leather was still not ready for the door
They were hugging at my desk I was scalded I had a terrible heartbeat and I thought to myself that this guy was nothing but a pipsqueak and a poor bastard so I wouldn't tell him I knew about his exploits or insult him with anything else What a mistake it was not to tell you? That's the problem I'm always hesitating I see too many possibilities so I'm very impressionable because other people's ideas are rarely new to me it's rare that I haven't had the same thought so I'm just being pushed and influenced My brain is working right now barging in pouncing on them Running out making a hundred women getting them all back Or just get a divorce I've actually promised myself that if he cheats on me I'll divorce him for sure And I'll have proof I'll reach for my comer I'll record the first Hot minutes and then I'll kick down the door that's it and that's it
It was all set upI just turned off the little red light on the camcorder so they wouldn't see the light from inside - Your hair smells so good "he enjoyed her embrace kissing her neck lips hands between her buttocks and her neck followed the line of her vertebrae" They both sighed a great deal and she grabbed his butt and pulled him to her side The other felt another sign and began to break down the top shoulder straps He kissed her hand on the beautiful Creole skin and sighed Gentlemen you're hitting on my wife and I'm stuck here damn it
Eszti starts unbuttoning the man's shirt no more and he pulls his top waist over ez's neck seeing his round piles framed with his fine underwear It seemed to him that it was a long-awaited miracle and now it was his first kiss she fell on her beautiful breasts and covered her with kisses while her hands were cutting off her bra so she could play with her nipples The hands of Este were on the back of his head and he said with his head " this is very good for him"()


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