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Sounds like a cliché but it started as a friendship First superficial conversations then other more serious issues came up at a time like this making our relationship more intimate It's been months since I've been closer to you and you've been closer to me I called you after a busy day to get a Coke or something just meet up I've always been filled with the conversation with you reassured cheered me up when I needed something You invited me to your company for coffee saying you had a lot on your plate I arrived late and for a Friday the office building was almost full You put a smile on my face and gave me a kiss on my forehead and led me to a kitchen - So life what do you want to drink? - he stepped to the cupboard while I sat on a plastic chair I asked for a cappuccino not a fan of coffee I watched you squirm froth your milk telling me you were annoyed that you wanted to go home but that's just a vain fantasy because you have so much to do
You came to the table with two steaming mugs one handed to me and you warned me to be careful because it was hot As you kept telling me I was relievedI forgot why I wanted to meet you urgently I was just looking at you and I guess that's when I realized that I was running to you Yes and it's happened to me more than once looking for comfort in your place when I felt hurt You might have noticed that I was distracted because after a while I realized that you were staring at me I caught myself putting down the still-filled mug and praying that oh just this once you wouldn't see into me
- I have to go - I stood up and you looked at me like I didn't understand
- What's the matter? You're leaving already? You haven't even told me why you're here I put on my coat in haste avoiding your help for the feeling I had discovered in myself for you was frightening and I did not know how I would react if you touched me
I couldn't help but look up picking up fast muttering a sigh when you caught me after my arm and turned me against you I kept my head down
- What's the matter? Did I say something wrong or something? - you didn't understand the reason for my sudden departure I kept staring stubbornly at your shoes while you were throwing questions at me and I kept insisting I had to go Of course you didn't believe me You reached under my chin you raised my head and you looked me in the eye Your eyes "my stomach was cramping with the desire to cut into me and the feeling made me cry" You noticed my tears in my eyes and I could see that you understood everything You closed your eyes for a second:
- Oh My God Iza - you sighed
- I have to go - but of course I couldn't move Our eyes entwined and I read from yours the same thing that could have been in mine Then it didn't occur to me that you weren't surprised at what you'd noticed about me that you'd probably seen it a long time ago and you knew what had just struck me like a bolt of lightning
Two hands caught my face thumb fingers you smoothed tears To me bend to me and first one then the other eye breathe you butterfly wing delicate of kisses Around smooth you ajakaimat before you'd kissed me I think a thousand times I experienced in the dream but the reality could not be compared Mouth hot and creamy and taste was a few minutes ago consumed a cappuccino actually Sighs I off at the lips to megízlelhess you I sensed it on you how you wish and again I couldn't hold myself back I came out of my jacket kissing so you could hold me so we could feel each other Your hand slipped from my face to my breast and then down to my waist to help me with my sweater when we heard a loud creak coming from the door You walked in on me so you could cover me up
'I'm sorry' murmured the newcomer and with the gesture he made he disappeared
Even though we were alone the magic of the moment was lost You didn't tell me you didn't even look at me when I put on my coat and reached for my bag
 I didn't look at you but I saw out of the corner of my eye that you were avoiding the opportunity to look at me
"I'll call you" you said and I was sure you wouldn't call again
- I nodded and I stepped to the door - Hi We've been avoiding each other for weeks after that kiss I can't get a face-to-face because we know we're gonna have a fight The only reason we didn't open the kitchen floor last time was because of one of your colleagues Of course you call me on the phone and my body feels like lightning every time I hear your voice And today today you called to give me back my book which you've had for months
You leave work early you tell me to wait for you at home An hour before your arrival I'm restless my whole body is shaking I'm walking around I don't know what's gonna happenI just want something to happen I've been wanting to do this for months and it keeps me from letting anyone in()


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