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I'd been working in a small pub in pest for five years I'm a country girl and I'm not even the most wealthy one so I had to get a job in college to pay rent and buy food every day
The job was nice The boss was nice to us and even in the middle of the traffic there weren't too many of them so two or three of us could handle the service And even the pay was fair I managed to organize my classes so that I could stop every day for at least a few hours which made the boss happy with me
After that when I graduated from college there was no question that I would stay at work full-time Of course this job was no picnic and even though a college student could do well with his salary a working woman could have done better But I didn't mind It was enough to rent a small apartment in the neighborhood and not have to worry about what I'm gonna eat next month Besides the boss used to joke that a pretty girl like you would get at least once more tips than your wages in a month I wasn't quite sure of the truth of that statement but in the end he was right
Now I didn't doubt that the boss was right (because he's always right) but that I deserved his compliments Some might consider me a false modesty but I never considered myself a hottie I'm happy with my looks I'm relatively tall and thin Shoulder-length slightly wavy dark blonde hair blue eyes white skin angel face (I don't say the last one It's the only thing that everyone might remember for themselves Even in college everyone used to call me an angel and believe me it wasn't my behavior I admit I'm not ugly and there are plenty of people who would envy my looks but I'd rather be in the middle
The truth of this however was strongly disproved by the looks of most guests in a positive direction Of course there are always rude guys who whistle when they see a pretty girl and touch the girls ' butts but with a good tip you can take that
In short I had a good time and lived a relatively comfortable life After a year or two the routine of the work was almost in my blood and though I was never really bored pleasant monotony dominated my days
But that changed in one fell swoop when the two of them first entered our little tavern though at that time I did not realize it
In the first few moments I had no idea they would have such an effect on my life All I saw were two pretty teenage girls They're both mid-height thin and pretty Although other than that they didn't look anything like themselves One of them was blond with blue eyes and white skin She held her hair in a ponytail which however still hung down to the middle of her back Her thin mouth almost constantly stood on her thin face and her eyes glistened The other girl on the other hand wore her shoulder-length dark brown hair His round face was dominated by full lips dirty nose and hazel eyes His expression was more serious though he still had a very strong girlish charm
In a word I saw two teenage girls planning to go out tonight Just the usual Nothing much At least that's what I thought at the time
They didn't come alone the first time The small group consisted of four boys and about five or six girls They laughed loudly and joked as the blonde girl approached the counter and her brown friend followed her one step behind
"Ten bottles of Heineken and a few bags of peanuts -- let's say five" he said in a sweet voice
 Aren't you guys a little young to be having a beer? - I raised my eyebrows but I tried not to hit the tone I didn't mean to drive them away
- Come on man "the brown girl drew her lips but she had a smile on her serious face" - We're over 18
As if to emphasize what he had said he placed his two thumbs in the pocket of his body-pressed greenish brown shorts and yes he clearly protruded his breasts as if to make himself look older even though it made him look even more girlish
- All right - I answered right away Not that I was completely convinced but I didn't want to spoil anything good Even if they are minors if I force them to show me their student ID they will run off in a huff and go to the bar next door where they will be served without question If you're going to drink leave your money here - I'll get it right away
They smiled cheerfully Apparently they've already forgotten that I questioned their alleged Emancipation Or maybe they didn't care then They thanked him and then they put two tables together and the little party sat around him to hear the loud laughter again()


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