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Sometimes I read other people's stories
They're exciting mysterious and so incredible
I dream that something like this might happen to me that someone would actually come out of nowhere and want me
I have a boyfriend I can't complain he loves me and cares about me he just lacks passion and romance
So sometimes when I have time (next to the company which is almost day-to-day work) I dream:)
It's very nice to imagine someone adoring me when I see my hands and feet shaking and all I want to do is make love to her day and night
So if I have time I will share with the people here what a pleasant experience I have at this time:)
Stories are a figment of imagination and lack but sometimes it's good to read them
The most beautiful story I can think of almost every night I don't know where it's coming from but it's living inside me
I imagine a man whose face I can't see I can hear his voice I can almost feel his breath his caress is thrilling but I don't know who he is:(
we're in a house that's not very big but very tasteful
we had dinner somewhere but I didn't feel like going home so he took me to his house to talk"
we were sitting in the foyer in the corner of a comfortable couch and he didn't say anything he just brought us both a drink
because I don't drink alcohol (not in real) I got juice and in solidarity he drank it too
he brought me some strawberries which I love and he would sometimes offer me an eye while I was talking and drinking
and then I don't even remember what it was about and I don't think he was really listening to what I was talking about so he took the glass out of my hand and put it on the table
he did this with such dignity and dignity that I almost fell in love with his moves
there was something majestic about him something that made me feel like he was above anyone else
he didn't have to say anything he just looked at me and I could see in his eyes that he couldn't wait for me for more than a minute
even during the conversation he looked deep like he could never get enough of the view
and then he pulled closer to me and he stroked my face and he looked me in the eye as if he was trying to read my mind whether I felt the same way as him
I was just sitting in front of him and I couldn't move and it was like I was dreaming and if I made one move I'd wake up scared and this beautiful night would be over before it even started
his hand gently caressed my face from my forehead to my chin then back to my earlobe and then down my neck and shoulder
it seemed an eternity before his slow movements gently touched me as his skin touched mine I trembled
and then suddenly he grabbed the back of my head and he pulled my head over to his and he kissed me gently like he wasn't sure if he was going to get back at me
but if he'd known I wanted him more than maybe he didhmmm
for a long time he'd just pampered my lips and his hand would move on my waist and back and he'd take turns caressing me down and up the back
then I saw that he wanted more than that but I wanted more:)
suddenly he stood up and I held out my hand to help him up and as I stood up he held me in his arms and he held me like he never wanted to let me go
I couldn't get out of the clutches but I didn't want to and it felt good to have someone so horny after me that I felt so tight that I could suffocate but I still enjoy it
he kissed me wildly and he could no longer settle for stroking my body through a cloth pulling the strap of my evening gown down from my shoulder slowly as he put the glass on the table and it would have made me crazy
and then my other shoulder very carefully very gently taking care of every move pulled down the other strap as well
since I don't have an average breast size the dress didn't fall to the ground they kept my already almost bra tightened breasts
he was a little surprised to see it but when he looked down I suddenly saw that he was more excited by the sight of it than if I was no longer wearing this little piece of clothing
he took the edge off and I couldn't wait to take it off and I felt like I was on fire if I had to put up with that damn skirt for a few more minutes
and I finally stood in front of him in a pair of underwear and a pair of summer stilettos
and then all of a sudden he takes me in his lap with a big swing and for the first time he takes me into his bedroom which I've never been able to look at every time I've been there
when I saw the room I felt as if she had prepared herself for this as if she had planned our first lovemaking together for tonight
it was bedded the room was lit up with scented candles it smelled like orange it knew I loved fruit and I could never get enough of their scent


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