Syrians secret prison part 1

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I don't think anyone needs to be introduced to the Hungarian housing situation
I was staying at my girlfriend's house sleeping in the same room as her brother The guy didn't sleep at home a lot but sometimes he brought his current girlfriend home My work schedule is like being free a lot
When the following happened I was also off The house went to work early Bubby's girlfriend / let's call her A / and I stayed home A was about 20 at the time Thin small but shapely blonde little cat with Cleopatra hair has long been sexually attracted to me So I woke up around 7: 00 and the room was clear and there was no one but me and a As I raised my head I looked at the other bed and they were rolled from head to foot A facing the wall he slept on his side In his sleep he pushed the blanket off a little bit He was lying with his knees up giving him a beautiful view of his ass His shirt went up so nothing bothered the view She was wearing a black lace thong that was so narrow in the right place that it covered almost nothing Oh my god I thought to myself shaved pussy Well I've never been mixed up with one of these things in my life
All right fine I reached out for a Kleenex and I started beating myself under the covers in slow motion I was so excited I couldn't take my eyes off that particular area That was the mistake
I suddenly raised my eyes and looked straight into A's dilated astonished eyes
I was so embarrassed I closed my eyes and I didn't dare move He didn't tell me I was hoping you didn't see anything Of course he did : - ))/
After a while he got up I stayed in bed He put water in the bathtub and got into it
I was crazy to think that butt I was looking at just now was completely naked
I snuck up to the Keyhole and looked through it A vigan was swimming and there was a smile on his lips My hand automatically slipped on my dick and it started all over again
When she was sitting in the tub I could see her tiny but beautiful tits and I could look at her thighs on her back
When he was done he stood up and put one foot on the edge of the tub he began to turn round I missed the point again
I ran back to bed turned to the Wall tried to get some sleep trying to control the insane desire
She came into the room she was doing a bit of lint and then I felt her sitting next to me on the bed
What can I say my breath is gone He spoke quietly
- I'm not mad
- You sure? - yeah I asked him back my voice was shaking As I turned around I was shocked to see he wasn't wearing any clothes
- I'm sure he answered but only if you do something for me
- What is it? I asked
- Keep doing what you're doing so I can see what you're doing - he smiled Well I can't say I wasn't embarrassed How would you like me to moan just to buy some time while I gather my thoughts?
- You can't touch me and I won't touch you - Yeah so we're both "loyal"
"But I would like you to pose for me" I said beginning to return my courage
"Okay" said he with a perky smile on his face " but I want to see you squirting clear and clear"
- How? - I was still embarrassed
- I love watching my pussy get splattered all over he said as he stood up and I got to see his little little blonde-covered hill It was like completely naked down the line of his clitoris He turned a chair took a seat and slightly opened his thigh It was an incredible experience for me to see a shaved pussy I turned my back and with a great resolution I pulled the blanket off me
I felt my cock as I touched it and I felt it and it may have never been so hard
A must have liked the view because I saw him lick his mouth I started with small light moves barely moving the skin With my left hand I began to work out my balls gently which were already very hard


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