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Being a country boy I've always had trouble finding a place to stay in the capital when I was there A few years ago I met an older man on the Internet who happened to live in pest Weeks passed months and life once brought me to pest for a case We've talked a lot but we haven't had a chance to meet in person
The big day was coming and I was so nervous about what I was gonna wear if I was gonna know her and stuff I'm sure you had these thoughts in other people's minds before you first met someone you knew on the internet Even though I didn't go to the capital to meet people I did care what the other person would think of me I put on my best dress and I got a haircut so I went out of my way to make a good first impression
When the big day came and we met in the East I didn't recognize him at first he was a little different from the picture he sent me on the internet but the point is he met me and he came to meet me for the train As it turns out he was looking forward to meeting me too so I kind of hit on him from the photo
- Hi - hi I've been waiting a long time to meet you in person - he started talking
- Hi - hi It's good to see you too - I said a little surprised I admit I was expecting someone younger Tibi was about 50 years old a good ten more than I expected
- Did you have a good trip? I made you a nice lunch
 I'm starvingit's been a long drive
That's where we're headed Tibi had a nice place not very big but friendly and comfortable After we had lunch we started computerizing He showed me some programs he used and he also put in a porno I knew he was gay so I wasn't surprised by the type of film but I didn't expect him to show it to me as an afternoon movie He went into the kitchen and did something while I stayed with the movie It was goodthey were my type they were young thirties I felt like my underwear was getting tight and I was getting more and more excited about the movie "I shouldn't touch myself here and now"'I shunned the thought but I kept the things I had seen Tibi's back on the plane:
- How do you like the movie?
- Very good I didn't know you had such great movies
- The other day there was a sale in one of the stores and among all the sex movies there was a gay one I hit him right away - Tibi laughed
- If you don't mind let's watch a little more I wonder what else is in it - I suggested further I didn't have to worry about us turning on each other because when we first met on the Internet we made it clear that too much age difference wasn't good for a relationship after all I was 26 and he was 50 so we decided to just be friends
The movie went on for an hour and it got dark
- Wow time's up I'd like to take a bath please - I told Tibi who willingly jumped from his seat:
- Sure stay I'll get the bath water
"What a service that's what I call it" I thought to myself and sat back and typed a little more
He came back about 10 minutes later:
- The water's readyyou can go take a bath Don't worry I won't peek - Tibi winked at me
- I shouldn't-I laughed and went to the bathroom I looked at the water it was warm and there was a lot of foam floating on the surface like he knew I liked it that way
I took off my shoes and clothes the shirt the pants the underwear and the socks I looked around but Tibi really wasn't peeping so I sat in the tub and lay down in the water My thoughts were all over the place for I had not left home so far before All of a sudden there was this movie this afternoon all those guys and the story and everything Well my dick wouldn't let it go it started to rise it's halfway out of the water and it just kept getting swollen I haven't jerked off in two days and I usually do it every day so I got pretty horny in the first place and this movie added extra
"I shouldn't jerk offI'm a guest"I thought to myself but the stimuli were stronger I kept going " okay but just once I'll wash the tub and Tibi won't even notice"'I calmed myself down and with that resolution my mark had already crossed my fully erect cock I really missed that feeling and I started pulling the skin up and down I was getting really into it and it was getting really good when I heard a noise outside The tub was positioned with my back to the door and it was open the whole time
- Look who's got a boner - Tibi said from behind


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