RuthlessMistress – Female and male bottoms

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I'm 18 years old She's a virgin At night I often fantasize about women with perfect bodies Their plump breasts glistening from my saliva their muscular thighs open to me I grip their tight butts and stick my dick between their swollen blood-red lips or labia But in the meantime I will only touch my rock-solid phallus with increasing intensity until I am ten feet away from the dense semen
In my favorite adventure I make love to a sex goddess with such a perfect body We are surrounded by a light of candlelight our clothes lying on the ground silken sheets and cushions long crumpled on the bed Most of the objects in the room are wet: if not from her drooled nipples and scented vaginal fluids then from our hot sweaty bodies
I'm lying on the coffee table with my back to me and the sensuous woman is riding on my cock staring up in the air We're having wild sex In fact we fight We've been fighting for two hours whose naked body will later be immersed in ecstatic pleasure which one of us will win in the ultimate orgasmic pleasure fight
I'll lift it by its round bottom Meanwhile he's clawing at the table and using his vaginal muscles to express the semen out of me I can move easily in his wet pussy I'm sucking his beeswax with my dick and I can feel his groan coming to the top But then all of a sudden he leans over me and puts his foot under the table He's squeezing hard his femoral muscles are swelling I can't lift it up we're still entwining I thought I was gonna win I can feel my stiff phallus throbbing more and harder My spine is tense and I'm just a hair away from squirting I have to do something With all my strength I'll pull off his hot torso in a single motion I have to get up somehow But her thighs hold me back like Iron
With my hands on the table I'm trying to lift my hips I can't do it I'm writhing desperately seconds away from orgasm I'm going to push her body back in a sudden motion His legs relax and fall off balance before the table His head hits the tile You did it But I haven't won yet it hasn't reached the peak of lust We only separated for a moment I'll take advantage of your surprise and grab your ankles and feet and push them to your shoulders No matter how hard you struggle it's a tie-up pose it won't get out of my grip My plan is after I put my dick in his wet pussy again I'm gonna put my hand around his waist So total weight ránehezedve't even breathe let and until then I fuck her helpless body until you thrust increasingly and violently overheated hole as long as I don't pass out on life's biggest orgasm of


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