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I listened to the water running and then I started packing Saci was humming in the shower when I went in He looked at me he smiled and then he reached out and he pulled me in We kissed tongue he put his hands on me turned off the water sighed and then he quit and started to dry up When he was done he handed me a towel and I wiped it off and then we went to the kitchen to eat
We had lunch and then we went to the backyard and went skinny-dipping When it started to dusk we went in washed our sunblock off and sat in the living room watching TV
- Are you gonna get the lotion? "Saci asked and when I came back he said" Will you rub it on me?"
I put a dose in my hand I stood behind Saci and I smeared the lotion on his shoulders A little snippy the Cold Cream gave him goosebumps but then as I worked the cream on his back and shoulders it eased He was lying on the couch so I put some lotion on his waist and then he turned around and I took care of his stomach
- Higher too - she smiled at me mischievous
I put a thin strip on her breasts and started massaging her Her nipples were hard on my touch and my dick was hardening Saci glanced at me saw my sharp cock and with his left hand he grabbed it and drew small pieces on it I took it with one hand and touched her wet pussy I knelt in front of the bed and Saci sat up put her legs up and opened up to me I bent down between his thighs and with my tongue I looked for his clitoris and I gently circled it With his right hand he caressed my head and guided me His moans made me all fired up and I licked him more and more and I walked through every part of his opening and I even got to his bottom She screamed she screamed and her body started shaking more and more I knew from these signs that it was almost over so I set the pace Saci was throwing his body holding my head in a vice with his thighs Then I spread his legs with my two hands and I wouldn't let him close it It took a lot of effort but I managed to keep Saci that way And then her orgasm started And I've been licking it all the time and I've been licking it intensively Saci screamed screamed screamed and then she stopped her eyes hung up and she fell back on the couch
I let go of his thighs his feet slowly fell to the ground Saci breathed steadily his eyes half closed
- I'm ready No one's ever done that before I'm going to sleepI'm sorry
And he fell on the couch I got up off the floor and went upstairs I reached across the bed and then I fell asleep
Wednesday morning I woke up fresh and I stumbled down to the ground floor where Saci was asleep I closed the living room door and made coffee in the kitchen By the time Saci was ready he came in smiled at me gave me a tongue kiss and we sat down and had breakfast
 Let's start getting ready ' cause the Marians are coming home at noon
The events of the past few days have completely slipped my mind
- All right - okay - I said it a little sad
- Relax I promised you there'd be more if you followed the rules of the game
- I knowI was just so fascinated by these few days I forgot everything
- You're telling me you fell in love with me?
- Well sort of
 That's sweet but you have my daughter and I have my husband You set the bar pretty high last night and even though my husband like I said likes young girls sometimes I get some Get ready pack your bags because we have to leave in 20 minutes
It gave me another tongue kiss and he went to the bathroom to clean himself up I ran upstairs put my clothes away Soon Saci showed up threw his stuff in a bag and we closed the House An hour later we were home we had a tender goodbye and I walked home She came over last night and we went for a walk on the Danube and then we went to their house Saci made dinner we ate and then we went to bed The whole time Saci was acting like nothing had happened between us I thought it was really over
September came School started and once again Marian and I slept together once a week I started to feel unsatisfied sometimes I'd touch myself again and then I'd remember Summer Memories It was at the end of September when Marianne told me that in two weeks she and her HR colleague were going to Sopron because they were opening a new account and she was helping them pick out prospective employees I was sad because that weekend didn't work out so I could stay home They were supposed to leave on Friday but Marian sprained her ankle on Wednesday Binding compress foot polishing so bed rest Marianne's father stayed home with her but I needed someone to help me Marian asked me straight away if I wanted to help I was a little puzzled but that's when Saci spoke


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