A double thrill

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I left parliament at 8: 30 I was going straight home to Ondero I moved here a few months agoI love this town There were not many people on the roads at this time although it was quite clear in early June I was on the straight and narrow until I got into town Some of the stores were still open so I bought a bottle of apple juice I went into my apartment and I fell on a chair
I was sorry I had so little free time I left for Green grass at 6: 00 this morning and I just got home I pulled the drink But it was worth it It's a nice countrybut still We've been making laws all day today I'll have more free time soon I'm gonna go to Andrews tomorrow and see how they're doing with the new business center It was a big investment and I don't want it to fall apart
I went to bed I could still hear a band going down the street and then I fell asleep
I went to the well this morning and washed myself I got a burger at the diner and I went to Green grass
- "Green Grass 500 m" - I passed a sign
It was customary for boys to take a girl along to help them in their household and not to be bored I haven't gotten this far even though I didn't want to I work all day I come home at night I usually eat lunch at food and restaurants because if I don't have time I have money I earned 100 Tasu-I thought and I can't complain
I reached the city and reached Parliament
- So what's up? - I asked droplet the president I was a designer yes but I helped out everywhere I could
- Well listen You're going to Andrews now aren't you? Make a report and put it on my desk Then make a plan to expand this archives How much do you think it'll be?
- About 20 tasu
- All right - okay Then you can go home
- Already? - I was wondering
- Yeah - yeah
I Ran To Andrews I found a Tasu on the way Looks like I'm in luck today The mall was nice A square-shaped structure with a total of 20 stores Clothing grocery stores grocery stores liquor stores canteens restaurants I've prepared a report on the center being built the process of construction compliance with standards and so on I rushed back to the capital quickly I worked out the plan in half an hour and I ordered the materials with a courier I told them not to call my apartment before 8: 00
I thought I'd be home late again But it was only noon
I decided to take my girlfriend Dorogi Andrea to lunch She also lived in Ondero and worked in a grocery store although I might hire her as my secretary As soon as I got into town I went to his shop He was making a list
- Hi - I said hello
He looked up - Hi - hi You left so early?
Yeah they let me go early this time By the way I'd like to buy you lunch
'Very well' he said putting up the lunch - break sign and closing
- Where are we going? - I did
- This is good - he pointed to a mediocre restaurant with big letters saying " Pine Restaurant" We sat outside
- Waiter We'll have a broth and one
'Fried Lace' said Andi
"I'll get it" said he leaving
- How's business? - I did
- Well not so good lately although I've just increased the selection and I've announced action How are you?
- I don't have much time I work a lot sometimes even at home Good thing I don't have to cook Fortunately I have money although I don't spend much And if I ran out of money I'd still get it from the state
- How much money do you have now? - she asked
- About 120 tasums For you?
- Not much now Only 20 tasu
- That's not enough Let me know if you need any money
- I'll be fine And I don't have a problem with cooking because I have vegetables
We ate the food
- Waiter I'll pay
He came up to me and after a short head count he said " one tasu is 90 cents" I threw two Tasu and then we left
 Why don't you come over to my place tonight and I'll fix you dinner? - he told me
- Okay - okay
I went home I drank my 20-cent apple juice and I used the money I found to buy five more I put them in the cold water chest I bought a hot dog outside
I was wondering if I should talk to Andi tonight about moving in together I'm sure he'd agree Then I finally got out of the chair and went to Green grass Downtown was very busy I bought a shovel and a rake and a hoe I decided to buy land I went to the Land Office and bought six square feet of land next to Ondero It's not big but it's good for banishing boredom I went back to Ondero and surrounded Plot 2 I put the deed in my locker I looked at my watch: 4: 00 I went back to Green grass and joined parliament
- Hello Dropper
- Hi - hi We just got word of a fire in Darvston
- So my afternoon's over


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