Public exhibitionism on laundry room – With quickie fuck – Dirty laundry

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what I noticed was that I wanted to get into the sexual history of a strange man and we were writing letters and we were discussing the meeting (of course on the internet)
and then I got scared and of course there were questions that could go through a woman's head I knew I wanted to meet him so we agreed on an innocent tea we're talking on the phone I'm shuddering at the sound of his voice even though he's properly apologising for being hoarse I'd tell him it's Okay honey just keep saying it ' cause it's good
Margaret Bridge Buda side hmmm not a bad guy I've heard his voice on the phone before but you're making me even more agitated in person we're walking to the tea room and we're very comfortable not talking about sex we're talking about perfectly ordinary topicsa refreshingly new and pleasant experience that naturally captivates me I look at it myself and I know it's watching and it makes me giggle and giggle at all because this is the first time I've had this experience long online foreplay is used to prevent me from meeting an exceptional man he's definitely the one and the first thing that comes into my head is like " this is the guy I want"
He's looking for a secluded table and it's my mood-appropriate teahouse that we both know I asked him for a story on the phone and he told me everything his childhood his loves and we're moving slowly towards sexhe's a cautionary tale and the stories are getting more intimate I just listen and I find myself not paying attention to anything but him It was full and then the tea-room was empty again and new faces came and went and I couldn't sense it because I was distracted magic
He tells me things that have turned inside of me and I watch and watch and drink his words like a good rain to the Earth
I can't tell you how deeply I feel about this conversation but I'm sure you can see it I can't hide that much emotion and I don't want to hide it so you need to see it It's like a life-affirming transfusion yeah I had to meet him to believe that there are still men who don't even have to touch me but I still feel like a woman a goddess
Yeah that's what I feel around her not sex not love but that very deep feeling He is the man and I am the woman elementary relationship two opposite poles that complement each other The thought keeps moving: yes I want this guy
West squarea kiss goodbye (of course I initiated it) which shakes my leg and makes him "run away" I miss her and of course they're terrified of the idea
I'm gonna call him because I need to hear his voice and I'll call you later and after that I don't care what you think but that voice is hard to get rid ofand I don't want to meanwhile we talk on the internet persistently I don't know how Thursday comes up but it does
We pray for good weather because we are preparing for the soft lap of nature he's sketching his ideas and I'm blushing because I like them but some things are very new and wild to me but I feel like I can trust him that he's gonna want me to be okay
Thursday Moscow square nature's lap bench I'm shaking in every fiber of my being even if it makes me feel completely safe he talks to me but I can't hear everything from the blood in my ears I lay my head on his shoulder and contemplate the nature of the movement as he embraces my shoulder and I snuggle up to him
It's not what I expected but it feels really really good and at the same time I'm completely irritated by her proximity his hand as it caresses over my shoulder his voice echoes inside me I tremble all over my body and groan from his touch but I don't yet I know myself the longer I drag it the deeper it makes me feel I just vibrate from her touch her scent just because she's close to me it's humming in my ear and touching my breasts in the cutting of my shirt it takes my breath away
he talks to me and talks to me so he surprises me almost unnoticed with the vibrator and his petting hand under my skirt at the same time it's not the coolness of the air anymore I'm not rushing it I'm just gonna drown in his eyes and swallow me for a second he can't know that I'm not embarrassed by open spaces in general because I didn't tell him about this side of me in fact I'm very excited that anyone who comes by can discover or peek at what we're playing
But now for some reason I am frightened because there are many or my desires are more intense than before but I don't want anyone to come between us and I don't want to have to stop what you're playing with me
I'm gonna turn off the environment sit back and enjoy it I can't enjoy it quietly first I moan softly then I moan louder and every part of my body is filled with pleasure I'm gonna pull him up and whisper in his ear how good he is as I look at his face I can see he understood the feelings behind my sighs without words and he wants more of them


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