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I have to admit I've wasted so much time in denial I've denied myself my life my vision of the world and everything I can say that I am Thank God those days are overnow I can see clearly who I really am But let's start at the beginning:
I've always felt like I was different from other boys I had a lot of girl friends and I liked playing situation games with Barbie dolls and I never cared about cars or football Still I had boy friends and even when I was a little kid I was driven by my father's blood and I loved chasing girls And then the adolescence came and I started to get interested in sexuality and I tried to look at my friends ' dicks in dressing rooms or swimming pools and I wondered who had hair who had like sperm that sort of thing Somehow the girls started to ignore me It was weird that every time I saw a guy with muscles I just started getting hard and wishing for him Until I was 15 I was hoping to outgrow it but I had to admit that I could reduce my desire for men to a very bisexual level I tried to suppress it but it kept coming back and forth By breaking into the internet I was beyond saving; I masturbated to gay movies and chatted with strangers but I never dared to go to meetings I promised myself I'd only try it out with a guy once I had my first sexual experience with a girl I had to wait till I was 20 and that was the first time I ever slept with a girl I was hoping you'd figure it all out so I could finally wipe the muscular hairy manly men out of my mind But unfortunately (?) it did not work that way During the sex with the girl I completely failed After that I decided not to force my relationship with the female gender but rather asexual I gave up porn and masturbation which was a very important part of my life before that It was going well for a while and all the desires I thought were "guilty" began to fade
Then I got into college and on my first day my life changed I was afraid of everything I didn't know where the different rooms were or the cafeteria and wardrobe So I had to find someone to help me I was talking to a guy with his back to me and he was all alone like I was asking him for a fire As soon as he turned around everything changed Her beautiful azure eyes burned so hard I couldn't look at them The wind caught in her hair half-length beautiful wheat-colored and struck my nose with the scent of my favorite perfume which came from her beautiful sun-kissed skin Her fair and Manly face was covered with tasteful stubble and her pleasant deep voice made me feel like a cloud After the introduction we got to talking and he was willing to help me with everything I asked for
Over the next few months our relationship grew deeper We met a lot we became really good friends There was only one flaw in the story and there was a girl who was supposed to be with her for a year and a half I have decided after a long struggle that I would rather have him as a friend than lose him
And then just before Christmas we ran into each other at a college party where Matthew was very drunk In the two weeks before the party I was lying at home sick so until then we only stayed in touch on the internet and on the phone He was so happy to see me he went straight to my neck and he kissed me with that swing on my neck I didn't know what to make of it but it felt so good I couldn't push him away so he wouldn't We'd been drinking all night and then around 2: 00 in the morning she said she wanted to stay at my place I told him that I didn't think it was a good idea because he was supposed to sleep with his girlfriend He said he didn't carehe wanted to spend the night with me I didn't push youwe took a cab home
After I got home I sent him for a nice cold shower while I made dinner As soon as he stepped out of the bathroom my chin fell off He was standing in front of me in nothing His beautiful semi-rigid penis was covered with thick hair of the same colour as his hair and his heavy testicles were hanging between his muscular legs His body was still covered with water drops and his hair was held together in curls I tried not to look but I could not avoid the sight for he stood in front of me and asked "you like it don't you?”
I couldn't say a word and in my confusion I looked at the ground and felt my head Red He knelt down to me and told me that I'd been writing to him for months on one of the gay dating sites He always knew how much I loved him but he had to fix his own feelings I still couldn't talk but I didn't have to After a few minutes of speaking silence he kissed me()


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