grosse ejac sur le visage d’une geek à lunette

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3 Part II-Zsuzi the Tiger
Zsuzsi turned to sexuality with a renewed interest and we didn't miss a single opportunity to worship the goddess of pleasure And then every night making love became her sleeping pill and making couples ' pleasures more varied and Kati became a regular part of our sheet battles Of course as her pregnancy progressed she became less and less involved and then two months before she gave birth she was out of the action Later Zsuzsi told me that he had eyes and ears open but failed to discover suitable playmates I liked the three-way so much he wanted to replace Kati
I had been with Marika for over a year when returning from a Saturday-noon Little League Soccer program Zsuzsi bet me I had a visitor When I walked into the living room it was no small surprise that Marika sat on the sofa
"What brings you to us" I asked with wit
- The boss asked me to bring this stuff because he couldn't reach me otherwise He found me and he thought I was full of shit It must be a very urgent matter because he wants an answer by Monday and he handed me a packet of paper
I didn't even open it when Zsuzsi joined the conversation:
- I invited Marika to join us for tea I hope you don't mind - and he looked at me quite provocatively There was a strange light in his eyes As I looked carefully at him I noticed that he was in a silk robe and there didn't seem to be much clothing underneath Something tells me this isn't just about lunch
 Of course my dear even for dinner and then with a little food I stabbed him and when it's time for breakfast
The two girls looked at each other and laughed at each other at the same time Zsuzsi continued to tease
- maybe even share our bed with Marika? - This was my Never-Again opportunity to bring Marika into our sex life which of course I couldn't miss
- Honey if that's what you want with anyone - and a gentle kiss on the mouth and then continued - if You blend in you in the kitchen then I give can the opportunity to get a look at me in this big set paper Let me know when the ham is ready and as a gesture I waved my eyes towards the door
I was immersed in the matter but somehow I couldn't get into the thoughts There was an increasing chuckle from the kitchen and then suddenly a silence followed by another chuckle wave and repeated silence I tried to focus on the material but it just got less and less I deduced from the repetitive noises that there was something going on in the kitchen besides making snacks My curiosity overcame my responsibility to work and I quietly set out to the kitchen I was already in the hall when bits of words hit my ear It was unmistakable that these girls were acting out The door was open so I kept a low profile when I stopped at the door and the two women's intertwined bodies were revealed to me It was quiet but I could hear them breathing hot They were kissing Zsuzsi's dressing gown was on the floor there was no other clothes on Marika let her dress go but her body was still covered in a slip Only his top clothes were removed I clung to the doorbill and enjoyed the action of my harem ladies They got so excited they ignored me To be more precise Marika didn't see me because Zsuzsi turned her away from the door when she saw me standing there He tore the slip off while they were stuck together in another kiss She took off her bra and pulled the straps off her arms Now it was just a pair of panties Marika's whole outfit The two female bodies were completely intertwined and their hands caressed the other body Zsuzsi stroked Marika's back (while watching me) and when her hand ran down her butt she tore off her panties which fell down on the floor without a sound It was time for me to leave quietly and run back to the files
The snack was waiting for a long time as the sound of increasing wheezing from the kitchen floated The sound of girls kissing was clearly visible as were the contented murmurs and repressed little screams The voices became more intense and more passionate and then suddenly there was silence I waited a little bit and then I said " Hey Girls Are you ready? I don't want you to have a good meal without me which was suddenly acknowledged with a crackling laugh
"Don't worry we won't eat it all" replied Zsuzsi laughing at it
- You want me to come out or you want me to come in here? - I continued my double entendre


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