Akabur’s Witch Trainer Uncensored Part 22

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I'm driving home on Friday night There's a very pretty young girl on the side of the road I think he's a professional at first but when I see his big bag next to him I stop She tells me she's going home to her parents for the weekend because she goes to high school in pest and lives in college Unfortunately he fell asleep this afternoon and missed the last train That's why he went hitchhiking It's a hot night She's only wearing a short miniskirt and a tiny top She doesn't wear a breastplateshe just has tiny breasts
We're gonna have a little talk about school friends She tells me that her boyfriend left her two weeks ago and now she's busy studying And there are only girls in college You must be very tired because when we're a little quiet you close your eyes and your head will go limp I don't bother youI just look at it sometimes
When you look at her you can see her skirt up and her pussy in her lace panties Her right hand is on her thigh and her index finger is involuntarily stroking her pussy through her panties I can barely take my eyes off and get an erection I'm going to wait a little bit with my right hand and I'm going to start gently caressing her pussy He's not giving us any indication that he noticed She's pushing her hips a little further and I can feel her panties getting wet That way we can go about five minutes when you push my hand aside and pull the stem of your panties aside He's not showing any signs of waking up but I don't think he didn't know what he was doing I'm trying to tickle her clitoris next to the panty hose and I'm gonna walk down the valley between Baby Lips down to her little hole Then he wakes up He says I have very delicate hands and he's been missing the caress for a long time But she's a virgin and she wants to take care of that She and her boyfriend used to caress each other and French each other I reassured him that I would take care of him and I continued to excite him I took a little poke at his clitoris Sometimes my hand slipped off my wet cut and I stroked around the entrance to her vagina I'll get back to you I didn't have to do it for long when he suddenly pushed his hip so far that my finger ran deep into the Virgin's hole Then he came screaming()


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