theSandfly Brave Bating!

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The day we spent together with a couple we know will be memorable We agreed to go out that night We wanted to party we wanted to dance The boy-Mark-knew a good little dancing place where the atmosphere was hilarious We decided to go there Her friend-Dia-is a nice and very pretty girl who's got every guy's eye on her So was it in your case though at first you had to secretly run your eyes through her beautiful body At the time you had no idea what kind of surprise I had in mind to crown the evening We all had a good time we had champagne and we danced a lot The music was fantastic and Dia loved to dance We danced together during the faster tracksbut Dia was still the best In the case of slow music of course the situation was different and we enjoyed each other's proximity and each other's touch We switched couples once in a while and Dia would snuggle in your arms while I was snuggling with Mark I knew you'd be thrilled to see me with another guy but of course I didn't care when I saw you and Dia getting your bodies all wrapped up in a dance It only made the feeling more intense when our eyes met and we saw the burning desire in each other's eyes We knew without words what the other person felt what they thought During the evening Di and I talked about some secret plans for the rest of the night Of course you noticed we were up to something and it made your imagination run wild Curiosity was reflected in your eyes but you couldn't read our plans because Di and I like two allies kept the secret of how we would dazzle you You didn't tell us but we knew you liked seeing us together Your imaginations were soaring and you fantasized about how beautiful it would be to see the two of us making love At the time you had no idea that fantasy was about to become reality
We got home at dawn We were a little tired from the whole night of dancing but our time together could not be over because we knew that what was to come would surpass the previous ones As he walked into the apartment the air was glowing around us kissing brand DIA and almost undressing her with his eyes as he looked at her Of course your hands were moving on my body as you kissed me grasping my breasts eagerly through the blouse Before you could go any further I gently slipped out of your hands and kissing you I disappeared towards the bathroom Dia did the same thing but first she asked for some patience and she offered you a seat a drink You both seemed to be caught off guard and of course you're excited to see what happens next You were sitting on the living room couch talking to mark and a few minutes later Dia and I walked through the door The sight you were faced with was nothing more than a pair of insanely desirable girls in lingerie Me and Di and I were so different but we had one thing in common and we were both able to excite guys to the extreme While Dia was conquering with her beautiful pretty figure I was seducing the male gaze with my sad round charms You were expecting something like this and yet when you saw us it took your breath away You were about to get up to take a closer look at us but we warned you to stay All you had to do was admire the view we gave you The light was dulled a little while while the tactics of the silent music in the background made us move Slowly DIA and I turned to each other and gently stroked each other's faces and then we began to delicately taste each other's lips At first our tongues tasted each other as we closed our eyes We just wanted to feel each other and give ourselves over to the world of perception The first touch shuddered us for it was our first encounter with our own sex We may have been a little reluctant at first but soon there was nothing left for us but the other We were pleasuring each other with little kisses and then in a deep kiss our lips caressed Meanwhile our hands were cautiously exploring each other's neck and breasts Sometimes we'd look each other in the eye and we'd see each other's insanely longing for each other The way you were looking at us you couldn't believe what you were seeing was real While Di and I were kissing each other caressing each other sometimes we would take a look at each of you to see what our surprise had found Of course there was no doubt that you were not indifferent to the sight of what you saw but to see the desire grow in you it continued to fire on us We began to gently undress each other with Dia first the lace bra fell from her body Not too big but she had nice tits()


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