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- Hi - hi Come on in come on in  Eve greeted me with a pleasant smile when I entered her apartment
- Hey Eve - I smiled back
On my entry he bet me two Sweet Kisses which was nice despite the harsh weather outside Eva must have called herself a very beautiful girl He had a very pleasant appearance and though I was a man of friendship with him I occasionally noted to him how much I liked him as a woman I liked her breasts the best Not just because I'm a man I've just never seen breasts this big shapely round I've often forgotten my eyes His fine buttocks and his inviting smile have often had the most incomprehensible effects on me I've complimented you many times At times like this he always thanked me with a sweet smile for acknowledging his feminine beauty We used to have a lot of fun together He trusted me not to abuse it if we accidentally drank too much I never did though I was tempted Believe it or not we never talked about dating I mean it came up but as a hypothetical it could never happen The friendship ties were too strong for this
I had these things in my head when I walked into the apartment He just asked me out for a friendly visit because it's been a long time We wanted to pass the time somehow Eve didn't live alone He had a boyfriend a country boy who was how should I put it? apparently I was on good terms But Eve used to tell me all the jealous fits the boy had over our friendship so I knew I wasn't really the one he had in his heart So when I came in that was obviously my first question
- What about your friend?
- Oh he's gone to his parents ' house for a weekhe's not coming home I love you but you know when she's home we can't just talk like we used to "You'll make trouble" said Eva regretfully with her lips covered in lip gloss
- I know I know but it's okay she's not here right now so we can talk about whatever we want - I said-really tell me how you've been how you've been?
- We're finethank you we're working and living We're barely getting anywhere to have fun there's nothing I can do on the weekends
- Why don't you guys go party? Or some kind of nightclub concerts?
- Nah you can't take this kid anywhere he'll just sit at home all day
- But Eve How do you stand it? - I asked him in all sincerity
When we used to go to parties almost every night years ago I never thought he'd end up sitting at home I knew the girl like the back of my hand and I knew if she couldn't have fun she'd take it out on me in a different way
 I don't even know what to do with myself in my spare time I just want to disappear by myself and not come out until I've had my fun - Eve replied with full conviction
- And I'm sorry to ask but knowing you I know you've got a way of getting by so does your friend know how to treat you at night so you can at least be physically satisfied? - I asked him
Over the years ours has become a perfect friendship Without the slightest confusion we could talk about anything even our sexual problems in short complete harmony
"Alas no" said he with his head down
I almost lost my heart looking at me Just imagine the girl with her short reddish hair on her face and her gentle eyes looking as frightened and sad as a naughty little girl
- If it's that bad I don't understand Have you tried to do something about it? Any luck?
 Do you think I'd be this desperate if I did? But it's not like it was before Even though we didn't make love through the night at first it did give us a lot more than that Now all he needs to know is that once a week he gets to orgasm in a quick five-minute period and then he turns and sleeps
 Eva dear it's not just for you it's not enough for any woman There's got to be a way to fix this
 Unfortunately I don't think my boyfriend can be fixed anymore The other day I got to the point where by chance a sex-dating site opened up in front of me and I'd rather watch the set than lock it up - he said with a cute little smile on his face
- Listen I think that's very understandable in your case There you are a very beautiful girl look at you And a guy like that leaves you hanging? Come on you should enjoy life
- I know I know But please don't do this now I need to relax if you don't mind so I called you because I could always calm down with you no matter how nervous I was she smiled again and I smiled back
- Ok What would you like to do?
- Well you could start by giving me a massage that would be great
We used to spend time on this almost every time we met It felt really good to massage each other's necks and shoulders Like me he could always relax()


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