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- 1 -
In early April the little freshmen visited the Wildlife Park in Buda with some parents who helped guard the children They did not use a special bus but travelled out to Budakeszi in the vehicles of the BKV
Zsofi accompanied Katinka while Zsolt was with the class for his son They were no longer surprised that the two children were always looking for each other's company
Zsofi hung a hiking bag on his shoulder carrying the necessary food clothes and other things and Zsolt packed all these things in a backpack for his son While the woman was always handling the bag hanging from her shoulder with one hand Zsolt was free to use both hands the backpack was more practical for the hiking bag On the way he carved a stick from one of the branches lying on the road but his son immediately began to beg would he make a stick for him?
"It is not fit for a child" said his father - You can cause trouble
- I'm not a little kid anymore - "topped with angry Psalms"
"All right Son" said his father - You're a big boy but the stick isn't even for you
- Uncle Zsolt Make him a stick - Katinka begged him to stop in front of the adults
- Why is that important to you? - Zsolt wondered
The little blonde fairy pulled her head aside and answered
- Then I could ask him for it
Both parents are laughing
- You know what? - he cut his own staff with his knife  If you promise to be very careful you'll never wave it or throw it you can have mine - He threatened them with his index finger - The one time I notice you're breaking the ban I'm taking it away from both of you
Katinka and Zsolti nodded eagerly to signify their agreement
From then on the two children swung the grass in front of them with the stick causing a great alarm among the undergrowth inhabitants The two adults walked behind them and talked and then when they arrived at a restricted area behind which forest animals were wandering the children stood behind them gazing at their young as they gained knowledge of the wildlife of the forest
"It is a wonderful thing to raise a child" said PSALM and involuntarily placing his hand on her waist and Zsofi grasped the man's fingers and squeezed him It was an unusual gesture they hadn't touched each other so confidentially in eight years but now none of them realize that they had done anything unusual
Later when they moved on the connection between them was broken but none of them noticed that they had crossed a threshold which has not been the case in recent years
"On Thursday or Friday the fisherman will take his things" said Zsofi strolling alongside the man on the road to the next restricted area - I'm gonna rearrange the apartment
- You got a lot of stuff? - asked Zsolt
Zsofi waved at me
- No I'm not - he answered "Apart from his personal possessions he had nothing of his own" he tore off a tall blade of grass and flapping the bushes like a child  I'm sure we'll have to share some furniture but we've bought quite a bit together Most of the property went there before we got married I went back to my parents ' furniture and I bought the rest before I married him
- It's not gonna be a fun afternoon
- No but we've been through this before you and I
'That was a particularly sad job' replied Zsolt hesitating - We were both still in love
There was a small limit between visitors and the wire mesh which protected the next demarcated area obviously so that children passing by would not be able to touch the sharp teeth of animals
- Do you need any help? "he asked returning to the previous subject"
- I haven't thought about it - Zsofi held his daughter by the hand for bending over the little railing she got close to the wire net - Maybe I should have thought about it - on the other side of the fence with his head held high an animal could smell the smells coming towards them He probably thought the smell of cosmetics coming from the guests was extremely smelly "My mother will not be able to help for she has little power" continued the woman  Besidesif you keep the kids busy while I'm moving the furniture it'll be a big help
- You won't be able to move any furniture by yourself - Zsolti had to get his hand caught because following Katinka's example he wanted to get closer to the animals even though the little rail was meant to prevent it
"I'm sure my mother would be delighted to meet Aunt Kati and Katinka and the two children" said Psalm  Pack them in your car Saturday morning and bring them to my house They talk and they play together and we do the furniture


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