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He was sitting in the lobby of the hotel waiting She checked in for a massage but all the masseuses were booked so she called a phone number that was on the flyer they gave her at the hotel reception He's a private masseuse who comes here sometimes It's supposed to be good well you'll see
Came in yesterday afternoon He finally got out of the hamster wheel and spent a week in this super Hotel which he's only gonna use to relax He found the hotel's special offer on the internet so it wasn't very cheap but it would cost more during the season He's going to a spa a sauna a swimming pool a fitness center a tanning salon and even you don't know what the price is you haven't had much time to look into it But we've got the whole week ahead of us
He sat in the lobby and watched people There were a lot of them coming and going luggage bags skis sled Old people young people married couples lovebirds He was a little jealous of the young couple kissing near him the way they hugged the way they caressed each other He just realized how much I miss gentle touches and kisses sex He's been divorced for over a year and there hasn't been anything since
He kept me in his mind when he saw a woman not far from here wearing a purple blouse just like the one he had just bought at an expensive boutique which he's wearing right now
- That mall Chick said it was a one-of-a-kind piece I paid a lot of money for it and here's another one-of-a-kind piece on that woman - he was furious with himself and watching her He seems to be waiting for someone looking a little impatient walking around with people watching the front door but then he lost sight of her in the crowd
- Hi I'm here are you waiting for me? "he was distracted by a man who stood one step away and looked at him with a smile waiting for his answer"
- Yeah - yeah you ready to go?  He asked me back with a smile because the guy looked great tall slim athletic all brand-new
'Well it's a good thing to get a massage' he thought as he stood up and struck his nose with the pleasant smell of the man's expensive aftershave
- Where are we going? Where do you want to do it? - he asked with a delightful smile
- We're going to my room "she said and her heart began to beat faster"
'OK let's go' said the man opening the elevator door
- Take your clothes off I'll be right back - said the man on his way to the room and threw his coat on the chair and went into the bathroom
She took off her clothes left her panties on laid a blanket on the bed and lay on her stomach She was glad she was wearing these sexy panties she just bought at the lingerie store when she's getting a massage from a super guy like you although he covered himself from the waist down with a towel he may not even see it
Meanwhile the man came out of the bathroom
- Shall we get started? "he asked and knelt on the bed next to the woman who was facing the wall and with her eyes closed waited for the massage His body was tingling pleasantly even though he hadn't touched it Maybe the kissing lovers in the lobby maybe because of their long-lived thoughts about sex or simply because after more than a year men's hands will touch her half-naked body so everything made him feel like he was on the move He was just worried the guy might notice something
- That won't be necessary - he said and he took the towel off her threw it away at the edge of the bed
- I don't need this "he said again and on both sides of the woman's hip he pushed his fingers under her panties and slowly began to pull them off"
You don't know why but he involuntarily lifted his hip so that he could pull his sexy panties off her She didn't think it was weird that she started the massage with it so she probably took it off so that she wouldn't smear her panties with the cream used for the massage But he felt ashamed because he felt his pussy wet He was afraid this guy would notice He was just hoping to put the towel back on his butt like you do with a massage But he didn't put it back so he closed his legs a little so that you wouldn't be able to see through them so easily
He felt the man put one foot through it so now he was lying between his knees His breathing accelerated when he was finally touched at the waist by the warm hands of the man he began to massage him not massage caress gently up to the shoulder and back to the waist he went down and started kneading two half-spheres of his buttocks He was a little surprised because this kneading does not fall into the classic massage category but because it was very pleasant he let it go


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