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Less than a month after the first time we were together I had to take my mom to a meeting It wasn't a big deal it was just that the college teachers got together in the middle of summer break for a casual conversation at the dean's house sort of a garden party
Since my dad was at work and Zita didn't feel like playing taxi driver I took my mom Not that I wanted to but I rarely said no to driving my dad's oversized SUV What he's compensated for I think will remain a mystery to me forever It felt good to drive a big old bat
The street of the dean's house was at the very end of town So much so that on the left side of the street where I parked the car between several other cars there was no house but there was a forest after a small overgrown Meadow The lights were long gone in fact the street was only lit by the light that came out of the surrounding gardens beyond the fences
There was music in the dean's garden – I couldn't identify it it was a more classical rock – accompanied by the guests ' good laugh and basic conversation
I looked sideways My mother was wearing a simple but hot strapless dress that went from breast to thigh A pale green stilettos a gold bracelet and nothing else As I looked at her long thighs I desired her
I've slept with my mother three times and one was worse than the other I enjoyed the first one but I'm the only one who's satisfied The second was a disaster and the third was a disappointment enough not to want a fourth But since then some things have changed like Zita and I we've realized what could be even more taboo than having sex in a family And in a situation like this I've never tried my mother's It's time for that too The resolution exploded into my mind like an aphrodisiac and it manifested itself in a request I never thought I would put into words:
- Mom can you suck my dick?
In my mother's eyes there was a glimmer of shock and mischievous desire and the thought of it gave me a hard-on Meanwhile my chest felt like the first time I fucked Zita Or when we were spying on our parents The feeling that I'm about to do something that if I get caught you're gonna be disappointed
- Now?
I nodded
My mother glanced out the tinted window at the houses pondered for a few moments and then turned back towards me His face spread a wide flirty smile and he reached out to pull down my pants Because it was summer and it was super hot I only wore shorts and no underwear – something about my family's recent casual attire stuck to me My dick was free in a few seconds and my mother was already giving him a blowjob
I brushed her blonde hair aside to see her satisfy me with both her hands and her thin lips And then I looked over to the side where my mother's colleagues were having a good time University professors outstanding lecturers in artistic life They're laughing while one of their esteemed co-workers is giving his son oral sex
I took my mother's dress and I just yanked it off her chest She wasn't wearing a bra so I could instantly immerse myself in the beautiful sight of her I let the thoughts I gathered turn into a joyous joy in my body and burst into a throbbing sensation in my dick I enjoyed it dry I didn't put cum in my mother's mouth I didn't get that far but my body shook with pleasure
I took his face and gently pulled it off my dick I let him look at me
- I want to fuck you right here right now Get out of the car
I pushed the door out I thanked myself a thousand times for my father buying such a big car We must have been perfectly hidden behind it
My mom got in the driver's seat and I got lost in it Unlike previous occasions I didn't rush the foreplay this time I knew what I could enjoy and I had a pretty good idea of what my mother would enjoy If there's even a little bit of what's inside of it that's heating me up we're still gonna get high on the same thing
I rubbed my loins through her panties as I kissed her breasts In the meantime I slid up her dress with my hands to set her feet in high heels from her ankles to her buttocks I was crouching down and I started licking her panties I bit her little pubic lips gently caressed her slightly fuzzy Venus button with my hands and pampered her clitoris with my tongue
My mother moaned softly but she was pregnant If someone had been close enough they would have heard us That thought fired even further I was so turned on I had to lick my mother's pussy treat myself with my hands In the end I couldn't take it anymore: every fiber of my being and every fiber of my being screamed at me to fuck my mother
I stood up and my mother as if she were reading my mind turned and clung to the side of the car In order to put my dick in his offered pussy I had to pee a little The heels are way over my head()


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