Asian Lubed And Made To Orgasm

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My story could have been called" the most beautiful summer of my youth " but let's face it it would be pretty corny The basis of this is reality Skeptics envious ones look into it
I was in college My summer like a lot of other students has been busy The fast-food restaurant I worked at was right next door to the Pál Valley dropstone cave The location is very good A real little jewelry box on Buda East Side of Mount Vision The dense forest here is broken by a rich valley of limestone surrounded by white rocks This is the entrance to the cave There is a parking lot on the edge of the valley so it is easy to reach by car It was the end of August I finished early that day I was waiting at the station for a bus that didn't want to arrive at all It was sunny early autumn The perfect silence was only interrupted by a car It's a real field trip I thought so It wasn't long before a bus stopped in the parking lot across the street Good for them I sighed There's a lot of people getting off the bus I could tell it was families I had my eye on a woman who was standing a little further from the others I thought I recognized a classmate so I walked over to say hello
- Hi - hi "I spoke to the lady with her back to me with a little droopy"
- Hi - hi Who are you? - he was very friendly As soon as he turned around I realized I'd never met him
- Oh I'm sorry it's just - I started apologizing to my ears red
- It's okay it's okay "I am Timi" Please call me by my first name I'm not that old
Indeed He was about 30 years old He was a head shorter than me which made him look even younger He had a shapely figure though my grassy eyes could see little of him at the time for he was already dressed for spelunking He was wearing a tracksuit band consisting of a gray bottom and a pink top Her short almost boyish blonde brown hair was a perfect match for her girlish face And in her bright green eyes I was almost instantly lost I found out that they all came from a village in Pest county in the framework of the village days - Excellent choice - I said "Yes" - everybody has to come here sometime
- Did you come to see the cave? - he asked
- Yes - I answered immediately without thinking
- By yourself? - disbelief
His suspicious gaze brought me back to reality in one fell swoop - What's it gonna be? What do I want with this lady? - I was worried about myself Whether it was bright green eyes or fatigue I still don't know but I let myself go with the flow
 I was gonna watch it with my friends but I missed the start of the tour - I lied
 You can come in with us at least I won't be bored - he offered it in a sympathetic almost inviting tone And her smile couldn't be said no He told me he was coming with a girlfriend but he got sick at the last minute Entering the cave cool air struck I gave you a silent gratitude for the hoodie I put in my purse in case of rain That morning I didn't think I'd have such good use for you Timi's been direct friendly all along It was almost instantaneous as if we'd known each other for years
The cave will be an eternal experience for both of us In the droplet a small world awaits its Explorers Some of the drops growing on special rock formations are reminiscent of cartoon characters and animals and in the light of the lamps tiny calcite crystals shine The route of the tour is well-built although some places are quite cramped Of course with a beautiful lady you don't mind that at all By the ladders I politely let Timi forward - I'll take care of you so you don't fall - I teased him My chivalry paid off on the first ladder Oops - he said it and pretended to be late and he leaned on me - My hero - he was whispering The smell of it made me feel warm The sight of the Broken drop stones was saddening We learned from our guide that during World War II the cave was used as a shelter and the soldiers stationed here took many drops as a souvenir When I saw the mushrooms in The Shape sad-Willow Timi was tempted
- Impressive sizes - he said with a lecherous smile
- Well if you ever see mine again - I took the opportunity He heard this and looked at me spectacularly and then he giggled like this :
- I don't believe it  I thought to myself
After the cave tour the August sunlight seemed almost scorching Timi immediately took off the pink sweatpants Underneath she was wearing a tight white top that attracted the eyes of men - It was cold in there "remember her breasts" Looking at her pointy nipples my jeans began to stretch too The company with whom he had come to lunch had already gathered in the clearing in front of the cave exit


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