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After I got home I couldn't calm down for a long time I kept tasting the taste of Sanyi's kiss in my mouth but before my eyes I saw his nervous face and in my ear echoed the frightened words of Silvi I got over myself I took a shower and I was tired I fell on my bed I couldn't sleepI felt lonelier than ever Plus for some reason I kept thinking " the little boy has a fever"
to stop us from having that mindless adventure Of course it just made me feel worse and worse
I fell asleep in suspense In my dream Silvi accused me of making the baby sick because I was stalking her father I woke up upset and I still wanted Sanyi
Of course I knew very well that even if he did call to make up for anything that was left behind I wouldn't go for it It wouldn't be the same not with the guilt and the pressure
Fortunately my work was quite busy and I had to travel abroad for a few days and then I had to help out in various places within the country in the new business of my company
About three months later a friend I used to see called me down to a concert I was happy to go and have some fun and talk to him It was only there that we found out that Sanyi's old band was performing It was weird seeing him again it was kind of tingly but I tried to stay away from him or the old buddy system
After concerts somehow I got involved with them and my friend who also knew Sanyi and the rest of the band I didn't want to be out of line so I went with them to the old-fashioned pub we used to go to after concerts
It's kind of a beer-and-chat after-party mix But since we were "old" Foxes at 2: 00 in the morning we blinked very flat and the friends started flying slowly and at 2: 30 it was just the three of us: Pisti Sanyi and I Pisti soon opened the table so it was just me and Danny again
By then I was not at all embarrassed by him which was probably due to Bacardi and the fact that it was all old concerts and old memories the whole time Around 3: 00 after eating the last beer and soda Sanyi carefully made it clear to me that he was going to walk me home
We were walking in silence I was staring at the sky looking at the stars and he was moving something with his coat That's how it went for a while when I saw a shuttle I just hate themthere's nothing I can do about it In a panic I jumped away and I pushed Sanyi away He didn't laugh at my fear though he used to laugh at me when I was scared of a spider or a mouse Now he just gently put his arm around me and whispered in my ear that he wouldn't eat me That's why he hinged it "cak divoso" In return I cut his little sentence to the side but he refused and he put his hand on my waist so we walked on After a few minutes I put my arm around him just a block away
The gate leads to a long access road which is lit only by a light so we were alone under the stars When I got to the gate I didn't want to part with him but I didn't want to do anythingI trusted him with everything
- Thanks for walking me home Good night  I walked away from her but I could still feel her arm on my waist
- Can I get a kiss good-bye? - He asked and he kissed me right away She held me close she kissed me passionately I felt properly melted in his arms yet I knew I should not be tempted
- I'm going in now  I'll walk you to the houseit's so dark in the garden - He held me to him and kissed me again
We went into my room quietly almost stealthily As soon as I closed the door behind me Sanyi drew me to him and we began another passionate kiss He was blindly and unknowingly controlling in the twilight kissing and caressing my back
We wandered to my table which I had tidied and since it was under the window you could see it He stood me up stepped between my thighs and slowly began to undress me I like a compelled let him do to me what he wants When she kissed me back when she lifted my arm to take my top off I did my submissive stretching but I had no action on my own
- Where do I turn off the baby function? - Did you fall asleep? Hmm?
Then as if a little force had entered me I drew him to me and began to gently kiss his neck and caress him from his waist towards his spine and buttocks In response he soon took off his shirt and shirt giving me a free pass to my exploratory lips
He was not idle during this time he uncoupled my bra and held me close to him as a result of which our laps touched I could feel the blood vessels throbbing in his hard tail I slowly emerged from his embrace and unbuttoned his jeans()


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