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1 Part B
I've been attracted to women's underwear clothes high heels since I was 14 When I was alone at home my sister's sexy panties her thigh fixes which I liked to wear and pose in front of the mirror I didn't think it was gay or anything it just felt good to put on the good stuff The way the nylon fits me the way the fine lace thong lifts out my round tushIt didn't even take you long to do this somehow the desire has gone away And then when I was 18 I moved out of the house and on lonely nights I went online and hit the shemale sites For months I admired the beautiful "women" and once again it aroused my desire to dress in women's clothingSince I didn't live at home I didn't have any clothes at home so I had to get them It was not easy then it was not or did not know sites where you can order so remained traditional procurement I bought my first pair of thigh-highs and panties in a supermarket so I thought it wouldn't be so embarrassing of course the cashier turned out to be the one when the cashier was looking at me asking questions when she was blocking the thigh-high but I didn't careI couldn't wait to get home and pick her up It's part of the story that my figure isn't exactly Manly Thin long legs almost no hair growing on them thin upper body but sporty thin not skinny I've had a girl's face all my lifeand since I had long blonde brown hair they could have me mixed up with a girl without makeup I wasn't just posing in front of the mirror I was masturbating I imagined a guy reaching into my pants fingering my ass and I usually did it for myself That wasn't enough I wanted to feel a dick inside of me so I got a vibrator When I got home with him quick shower then dressing up of course ladies I lay down on the bed I caress myself to the bed I go to the usual finger thing and then when I feel like I'm too big now I put on lotion then I didn't have a proper lubricant and I take the vibrator my butt is wet from all the saliva and lotion and I suck up the dildo and I gently push it into myself As it got deeper into me I was wheezing more and more and I felt this thing that I needed it didn't hurt or I just didn't care about it at the time it was a little tight but I wanted to feel it inside me After the Acorn disappeared inside me I was able to carry on more easily and after a few minutes I had a full 14cm lustre stick Meanwhile I was jerking off and with the other hand I was pulling the vibrator out of my butt I've never enjoyed anything as much as I did then complete ecstasy and joy In my normal life I wasn't attracted to guys I didn't even look at them but I changed dressed up and I just thought I wanted to have sex with a guy Of course it bothered me because I knew it was not normal and I used to throw away all the thong I had so hard to get or combfix and I didn't even think about it but a couple of months passed and I found myself sitting in front of the internet ordering panties It's been a couple of years I haven't been with a guy I haven't been brave enough to do that but then I decided if I was born that way I'd do it
So I must have been 23 years old when I decided not to fight it and if it feels good to wear a dress then I'll wear it after all I'm the only one who sees it and no one else needs to know
I live alone so I don't mind dressing up and masturbating or playing with a vibrian I've been getting dresses skirts tops all kinds of sexy lingerie and the inevitable stilettos I already had quite a collection and I usually picked them up but only at home And then I wanted someone else to see what she thought so I posted on a dating site where there's a chance for a special tranny to find a mate I took some photos without a face of course I didn't want anyone to recognize me by accident uploaded them and waited A lot of people found me and I got compliments which of course felt good and I was satisfied that I was hot Among all those perverted men there were some normal people who didn't want to come up and fuck me right away and they were willing to talk That's how I met Gábor who was a 40-year-old man who according to his profile was an engineer and married Well I wasn't looking for a husbandI was looking for a normal guy who might have something He was normal intelligent so after a few letters we decided we should meet I made sure I didn't go out dressed like that so the only thing I could think of was her coming up to see me ' cause she's got a wife and we can't go there We were supposed to meet Saturday night When I woke up this morning I realized how stupid this is and we should call it off you never know who you're gonna run into I've been crawling down there all day with cramps in my stomach but I'm so excited and I've been craving it for a long time I haven't canceled


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