Sarah Elago of Kabataan Partylist Part 2

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It's finally Monday I've been working at my new job for a week and I couldn't wait for the weekend to pass A few weeks ago they called me in for an audition and then they told me they were hiring I became the director's personal secretary I was totally psyched especially after I met the principal He was young athletic elegant pleasant and I could tell But most of all very sexy His fantastic radiance almost intoxicated me when he spoke to me and I had to concentrate not to look at his lips while he spoke not to look at those long shapely fingers while he was playing lazy with the pencilSo I had to watch him closely when I was around him During the day I watched him his sporty figure his shapely ass his thick black hair as he casually smoothed it back his dark eyes which he could almost see into my kidneys and thatfingers At night when I was alone in my bed I fantasized about these fingers discovering every inch of my body As they caress me touch my breasts slide down my belly all the way down to my bare wet groinand then I always realized that my hand was already there and I fantasized until I fell asleep after a huge orgasm
But this Monday was different I didn't know why but I felt it Szabolcs was already in the office when I arrived He asked for a coffee and when I brought him in he said in a velvety voice that it was delicious hot just the way he likes it I was blushing from the look on her face and I could feel my panties getting wet Then so fast I almost didn't realize it he shut the door and he stepped behind me
- How was your weekend? - he asked and he stroked my hair and then my neck I was so hot I could hardly say anything
- Slow slow "I answered honestly and turned to him" His eyes made my body burn and my nipples hard He noticed he bent down and kissed me in my not-so-deep cleavage I thought I was gonna come right there I've been dreaming about this all weekend That I can see in your eyes how much you want me to be kissed wildly that we're making love in your office I didn't care about my job I didn't care that he was my boss I went through his hair and kissed him At first just gently like a little cat but when I heard the little moan that left her lips I lost my head and all of my control I started to button his shirt wildly and we never stopped kissing I scratched his bare chestand my hand kept going down He moaned softly and almost ripped my blouse off
She leaned on my breasts and kissed them started licking them She held me tight with one hand and with the other she took my bra off like a flash He gently sucked it licked my nipples and his other hand was already touching my butt and drawing me closer to him The tingling in my groin became almost unbearable and when he touched my pussy I came through my panties It wasn't a huge orgasm but it was enough to make me more horny I wanted to return the pleasure so I quickly turned off his belt and pulled his pants down I bit his dick gently through his boxer shorts I had a beautiful tool staring at me when I took off his underwear I licked the whole thing and on top of it came a tiny drop which I gently licked even the taste was fantastic I grabbed it and I licked it and then I ate it almost all of it He groaned loudly and grabbed my hair It only added to my excitement and I began to caress my already swollen clitoris with one hand I sucked faster and harder and I could feel his dick twitch sometimes He whispered how much he fantasized about this weekend How hard it was for him to control himself how I drove him crazy that led to another pleasant long orgasm
Then he definitely set me up said he didn't want to cum in my mouth I took the rest of my clothes off and she took off her clothes and I couldn't wait to feel that fantastic tool inside of me He put me gently on the table bent me back and began to kiss my breasts my stomach my thighs and I was almost begging when I felt his tongue on my clitoris()


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