Public Agent hot russian misha maver pounded in a tunnel

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I owe it all to that damn video camera In the desert of Morocco Rocky in the mountains of Atlas with our group of tourists I was far from my companions I thought I'd go down to the source below and on the other side of the mountain hold on to them Suddenly the rock crevasse moved under my feet and I fell into a ravine My companions abandoned their search and returned to our SUV and continued their journey to our Rock Hotel on the hill They thought I'd go after them That's not how it happened
Two days ago I was stuck in the desert and I felt like I was finally giving up I will not achieve my goal of finding my way back among my companions I fell into a deep coma-like shivering sleep At dawn the rays of the rising sun woke me And as I'm crouching in my hole in the sand I hear a goat growling from afar The noises were coming and a soft-haired white goat came to me and my cold body warmed to life With his pink tongue he licked my drained face and standing over my face offered me his swollen udder And I with my black tanned cracked lips eagerly sucked the life out of him I hung like a baby on his mother's breast
Suddenly the sky darkened the sand creaked under the steps and a curly-haired Cupid-like angel appeared before me: a Bedouin goat herder boy Uji I thought she was 15 but then I found out she was over 19 He was the owner of the goat farm One of the boys in the togloida family nearby He just stood there and watched the idyllic scene After filling up with the goat's milk leaning on his shoulder I waved it over to the togloida House on the hillside The minutes seemed endless until we got there We went but instead we crawled through the greyish-brown sandstone hills and then we found a hanging pit through a small opening This is where we came down to the inner courtyard I was quite surprised when we found a good 8 to 10 square meters of yard a garden full of beautiful flowers
There the donkey greeted us with a loud draught for he perceived us from the open stable raising the Peacock who shouted to the house and told them of our arrival Then the Roosters started crowing and out came Mamma fat the Lady of the House He received us with bread and salt He brought out a small footstool and offered us a cup of fresh donkey's milk with a piece of broken bread Uji told his mother that I was separated from my group and found me in the crevice near the spring She immediately placed me under her protection
- The people of this house are still asleep You can eat while you're at it Then I'll show you to the bathroom you can clean up - he said and sat down at the stone-polished grain mill A few grains of grain were sprinkled into the semi-spherical serrated groove of the mill and the millstone was turned round Singing some sort of monotonous grain-grinding song he was grinding the seeds The chickens that ventured out into the yard came down on the grains which had fallen out First the man of the House Umma woke up He came out of his chamber and asked me He was ready with a quick answer which gave him my residence permit
"I found him in the desert" explained My Little Friend - He's separated from the tour group He wandered the desert two days ago
- All right stay here I'll get back to the station and call the tourist center and tell them we found the lost man They can come get it It's gonna take me a couple of days to get there and take care of it Okay our friend here is going to be enjoying our hospitality for another week Is that all right with you sir?
 Thank you so much for what you're doing for me I will repay you as soon as they find me I fluttered with emotion Umma snipped me up and sent me to the border patrol I went from the other side of the mountain to Morocco from Tunis That's what made it a little complicated
Since the others were still asleep we went to the bathhouse It was a longer cave upstairs In the middle a round pot-filled pool filled with nice cool water was flowing into it and it continued through the overflow into the cistern We went in here and took off our clothes and went down into the cool water Seeing his muscular slender body turned me on to the skies My purple flute demanded it
I began to play with my little friend in the bath hugging his Panther body several times He endured insult without complaint I kissed him on the lips and he kissed me in return After that it went smoothly Soon I laid upon my purple spear his precious burning pleasure cave We were making love on the bedpost of cedar wood on the edge of the bath Basin when Mamma fat came in I was terrified at the sight of that big woman I thought it would be the end of the line like an Italian for defiling his son But that's not what happened


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