Just lift my dress and fuck me

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I'd like to begin my story with a little introduction for the sake of continuity
At work 13 years ago a beautiful young woman came back to work from gyes and I knew her when she was a girl and I admired her but somehow I didn't take the liberty of making out with her she was so hot Blonde wavy hair thin reed thin waist shapely round hard bottom She had the kind of ass that men die for round in every direction and in every dress the slenderness of her waist the plumpness of her ass I've been secretly watching and admiring her like every other man and there were stories about her little ass getting fucked so she was a knockout
Fortunately after giving birth she kept all her maiden jewels
On a cold autumn day he walked in front of me in tight jeans and I could not take my eyes off his beautiful ass and since we had known each other for a long time we talked As the weeks went by we talked more and more we looked for each other's companionship and uh I noticed that he liked to be with me and I got up and in a very intimate moment I hugged him from behind and kissed him on the neck He did not resist though I was afraid of him and after that all I did was follow his every move with my longing eyes; he could feel my love for a few days later we were in bed
It was wonderful he loved to fuck especially from behind we had to hide mostly in the car in the woods or sometimes I managed to ask a friend for the apartment and from morning until the end of working hours I had the best moments of my life We fell in love and since he was married and I was married with two kids it got a little complicated after two and a half years we had a choice or we were both getting divorced or broke up he chose his family real crying
I had no choice but to accept it and we broke up and after we broke up love remained only sex remained I couldn't stand it I talked to her until she agreed to stay friends with me on one condition she would never sleep with me again because if that happened all over again I agreed but I also made a condition that she would never sleep with anyone other than her husband
We've become very good friends we love each other until today we both respect our conditions and we look each other in the eye yearning for ten years
We help each othershe asks me for help in almost everything and I am happy to grant her every wish even the most impossible
In the meantime I met her husband and daughter I saw her grow up to be a very beautiful girl she grew up to be a radiant beautiful girl at 16 she inherited all the beauty of her mother especially her butt and her mother was still a beautiful woman when they walked down the street and everyone looked at them with their mouths open and looked at them as brothers
They were in pretty bad shape financially so they had to think about what they were spending their money on especially after her husband lost his job
He was trying to give the kid everything so it was a real blow when he found out his daughter had a toothache because she needed braces The district dentist wanted to start with a drag and it goes on for years and traditional metal braces are supported by Social Security which is a pretty 16-year-old girl who doesn't have a pretty face
On a private basis it would cost a lot of aesthetic porcelain control but they didn't have the money
I have an acquaintance with a dentist and my daughter's teeth have just been removed so as always she asked for my help I arranged with the doctor to ask only for the price of the regulator the price of the treatments being an entrepreneur I will work it off As a quarter of them were out of joy so was mine especially since she looked at me as gracefully and lovingly as she used to
Her husband was told that they had borrowed money and that if they sold their little weekend house they would give it back that they had to hide me profoundly because he had been so jealous of me for years
They put out their little plot of land with a small one-bedroom break room with a bed and a tableSince they didn't have a car he secretly asked me to take it out and be there as a man so he wouldn't be deceived He wasn't usually alone or his daughter or mother were always there so I couldn't take the initiative just admire them After a while I noticed that he was going back to the tight sexy stuff when he met me he knew it was driving me crazy I left my eyes on him a couple of times and his daughter noticed that He asked me once when I was alone with him for a few moments
"You paid for my braces" I didn't want to get in the way so I took a detour
"Ask your mom" of course she knew right away
"And why"


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