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Monica is my little girl she's a beautiful 17-year-old girl Blonde's long hair green eyes and shapely body often get your man's eyes stuck We've been together for over five years and our relationship has been more than just a father's daughter relationship for over a year Since one wonderful night we've shared our beds regularly Outsiders wouldn't know what a shy and sweet little girl she is in bed She turns into a professional whore and drives me crazy with her new and new perverted ideas A housing estate 6 we live upstairs and there are houses all around us One night we were having dinner as usual in very casual attire when the bell rang We weren't expecting anyone and we looked at each other in surprise I was wearing a boxer and a T-shirt and pony was wearing a bathrobe I opened the door and there was a man in his 60s at the door with a boy about 15 He had a video tape in his hand and he smiled and asked me if I wanted to see it I said I wouldn't buy anything and he walked in and said " I don't care what your fucking daughter looks like on the video with you"
Maybe someone else will care That's when I came out of Moni's kitchen and stood by me The boy watched and turned to the old man Grandpa This girl is even more beautiful I had nothing to doI called them in The old man went to the video and put the tape in and started it To my astonishment Moni and I had pictures of one of the wild nights The recording wasn't perfect but it was possible to recognize us and what we were doing What do you want from us I asked "Your daughter" he answered and looked into Moni's eyes He immediately jumped up and protested wildly You do realize how uncomfortable it would be for you if these recordings were to fall into the hands of someone else you asked and looked me in the eye Yeah I knew it and soon Moni saw it He sat quietly in the chair and asked what do you want us to do? The old man smiled and leaned back I want you to do everything I tell you three times I have three tapes One time a tape I think it's real don't you? And then he smiled as a present Let's make it the first time today the other times I looked at Monica and she nodded slowly and looked me in the eye I love you Dad you know I'll do anything for you I stood up to go out but the old man ordered me back You watch My chair pushed it into the corner of the room and I sat down He took out a rope and tied me down That's just to make sure you don't do anything stupid he said My daughter was sitting in the other chair with the old man and the boy He stood up and it started:
You know what "everything" means don't you you little bitch? she asked and she looked at my daughter He nodded in silence Good then get up and take off your cape Show yourself so we can see you
Moni stood up and untied her cloak and slowly took it off He was standing right in front of us naked Her breasts were beautiful and her nipples were showing signs of excitement Her naked little pussy was like the eye of everyone The old man continued " sit in the chair you little bitch and put your feet on the armrest" As she sat down her little pussy opened up and there was this little pink butt hole Caress yourself before Moni starts caressing herself He slowly warmed up to it and I could see that he was enjoying it and the old man noticed it and he took out a six-inch long-lived vibrator from his bag and gave it to Monica Stick it up your cunt he said and he pulled down his pants The boy took off his clothes and stood by his grandfather with a stiff tail They both watched Pony put his big dick in his pussy and shove it up his ass She was all over her beautiful pussy and she was gasping Faster you bitch yelled at the old man kneeling in front of him knocked him all over his pussy Moni screamed so hard and there was a huge cock in it The old man turned on the vibrator and began to hum softly Moni seemed to enjoy it and then when the old man licked his clitoris he moaned Grandpa I'd like to put it in his mouthI heard the sound of the boy beating his stiff cock He had a straight and relatively thick tail and I could see my daughter liked him The old man raised his head from my daughter's pussy and looked at her Open your mouth and suck it real good The boy stood next to Moni's head and slipped his stiff cock into his mouth And the boy's face was slowly covered with pleasure The old man drew the buzzing vibrator more and more boldly into my daughter's pussy and she got all fired up and sucked him wild I could see that it wouldn't last long and it did The old man said to the boy " take it out of his mouth come on the bitch's face" Beat the shit out of him The words of a pig excite everyone and a pony with his mouth open waiting for the sperm The boy looked at him and beat his tail and suddenly he became stiff and sprang into a huge ray There was a lot of semen coming out of it and it went into Monica's mouth her face her neck and it spilled on her breasts He grabbed his still-dripping cock and put it in his mouth and started smoking it The boy groaned You See enjoying the little bitch said the old man and then roughly all the way in and out of the big vibrator in Pony()


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