Colon Snake And Double Bardex Enema

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Based on true events but by changing names similarities can only be coincidental
I was in the middle of my career big-name multi-company people came around me over the years I don't know how but I've become a man of confidence with a decent salary The other day the principal asked me if I had a job for me that was confidential I listen to it with interest so we should recruit secretaries to the centre but not only should the girls be filled as secretaries I'm leaning towards it with interest but what is it?
Am I getting this right? - they want smart whores out there so to speak But I'm totally incompetent and I'm married and I'm not an Adonis that's for sure That's the point you know old bitches sometimes want a nice healthy piece of chicken meat you know Do it he says you're good at this On my way home in the car I decided to do it but not according to their taste The next day I call the manager back I say "fine but there'll be money for everyone you have a free hand" he says I'll work out a strategy get the ads out and in a few days the applications will be all over the place I try to be selective for days and I end up choosing ten or ten girls for two days
According to strategy ten remain Interviews take place I decide to put the girls carrying the promise of a stable workforce out I don't ruin their lives on a second-hand basis I'm sure some of them are mad as hell but they have no idea what I'm saving them from I'll keep the ten girls I'll convene a meeting I'll just let them know that a group is being formed and all ten of them are in it but in six months two girls have to go to the center and of course the pay is still VIP but the 10 outside it gets bigger Poor things look at me with gratitude and they're looking at each other One candidate asks:
- Who decides who goes who doesn't - I say - smiles naughty Days go by my office and its surroundings look more like a fashion studio than a job In the meantime I'm sending all the girls to a language class Meeting room girls how are you feeling? I can see that but at the end of every month from now on we're gonna pick someone who's gonna be transferred to a different department Don't worry no one's getting fired The fight between them begins and I enjoy it a little bit by myself and everyone does well in the first month but one of them moves on and I'm grateful so you don't have to decide Next month the girls are feeling insecure I'm still in on Thursday night quiet on the office building the door opens a quiet question is heard: boss is that you? I recognize your voiceI'm sorry but I forgot my cell phone but if I can I'll help If I could get a cup of coffee I'd love it He sits in front of me quietly I'm taking a coffee break it's nice to have company you turn to me with an unexpected question? Why is the money tenfold out there? I'll be honest with you but you can't tell anyone
He's looking at me questionably so the director outside would like to be pampered by his secretaries Frozen silence I see I can't do this tell me you know I have a love it would be nice to work here but not like this You don't have to be afraid of what I promised to keep you'll go to another class at the end of the month you'll see Believe me it's not easy for me to say We have a few words and he leaves with gratitude in his eyes Two eight to go now what I'm gonna do is I don't even want to think about it Third month I make the girls feel the stakes are getting higher Two girls come in they tell me they know what to do outside and they want to go Are you sure you know what to do? I'm asking They say yes you have to have sex with the old cats you have to cut it at the same time Well if they're that well - informed then they should know that I have to do the pre - test I'll pull them but with everyone I'll have one of you back by 5: 00 Monday night if it's urgent I've got a weekend to prepare a woman's intuition what it's like to be asked by my wife on a Sunday night what are you up to? I'm surprised I suddenly start lying I didn't dare tell you but I have to leave by Tuesday night on company business hesitating to say " have a good trip then call me"
Monday's hard to pass so what's next it gets dark early the office gets dark by 5: 00 everything's quiet luckily my office is in one of the most remote places no night cleaning on the floor today Quarter-past-six this chick's playing me for a fool I guess but this is the moment the door opens and Krisztike walks in She smiles she looks crazy sexy she steps in front of me she puts both hands on my hips she reaches for my belt I shake I touch her breasts with both hands My heart is racing I can't believe how lucky I am to have her blouse unbuttoned slowly her skirt falls to the ground I touch her shoulders I turn her bra straps over her arms her breasts hold the basket tight The door opens in a faint shivering way but look who it is Petra the other girl enters I look at her questioning the two girls are smiling you know boss we've become good friends Petra gets closer and I'm pulling my belt()


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