Mi scopo mia sorella nello spogliatoio della piscina

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On Saturday I went to wash my car and the following thoughts ran through my mind:
It was a nice sunny summer day You parked your car in the garden I was sunbathing and listening to the requests on the radio "Thank you" was on I was lying naked in the grass on a blanket When I saw you I was wearing a white T-shirt There was nothing underneath it but my brown body that glistened with suntan lotion I grabbed the hose and ran to you laughing I opened the water and poured it all over my body I lifted it over my head and I enjoyed watching it cool every part of me I'm all wet from head to toe It was so cold
The T-shirt was all over me and he showed me what you wanted to see and a few moments later in response he smiled mischievous at me Then I turned the water jet towards the car and you laughed and rolled up the window In time Then you pushed the buttons and I ran into the garage to come back to you a few moments later with a bucket and shampoo in my hand I filled the bucket and I made good foam water Then I doused your car You've been watching my every move I started washing the car with the sponge Top first Because my transparent breasts on the wet T-shirt caressed the window next to you Then I went over to the other side and I washed the roof down there Then I went back to the front of the car I washed the windshield then the hood and my body moved to the music Sometimes I would pull the shirt away and it would stick back on my body again and again giving me a good thrill I like the way you look and I like to tease you My hands were already covered in foam and when I returned to your door and continued to wash my car our eyes flashed I kissed you and I flirted with you for a moment with the T-shirt off my T-shirt I was going in a row and I was going around the car I was showing more and more of myself When all the batteries were clean I washed your car and washed myself Then I went on I brought a Vileda and I saw it with practice to wipe it dry I'm not rushing into anything
I enjoyed watching you I could almost hear you breathing more and more Then I waved to you and you unlocked the locks
I opened the door next to you and with my back to you I leaned forward to sweep it around I felt a drop of water rolling down my buttocks and I followed it with my finger I hope you've seen it all right because I've been moving around with my naked pussy popping out every once in a while And then the threshold came and I could almost feel your eyes staring at my breasts I couldn't sit next to you because I was soaking wet So I had no choice but to wait for the sun to dry the drops off me In the meantime I had work to do so I finished cleaning I left your door for the last time I opened it with a smile I almost stole a kiss from you Almost I leaned slowly towards you and we smiled very close together I could feel the vibrating air around us and I could almost hear your heart pounding Then I turned around and wiped your door


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