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There is a God-fearing family of strict morals living on our street where the mother is at home with her third child about 2 years old Every day he starts his program by walking down the street with his child and stopping before the fences he takes a good look at what happens in the courtyard of the houses and behind the windows that may be seen I have to admit sometimes it really bothered me and I decided to play a prank on him My job is to leave in the late morning hours Especially during the summer I sleep naked and I do my morning work in the same outfit One time I saw him looking into our yard I was naked I quickly picked up the pot for watering the flowers I filled it with water and I went to the terrace as if watering the flowers Where he stood he could see me perfectly but the moldings were slightly covered I didn't give him time to do anything so I turned to him immediately and my manhood became perfectly visible to him and I looked at him and waited for the effect I expected him to run away with a few unsound words But that's not what happened when I looked at him and I saw him looking at my hairy dick all bewitched I opened the door immediately which was a bit of a distraction and I said " Thank you"
- Hi Ágika is something wrong? - I didn't get an answer but his eyes were like glued to my dick I was walking towards him asking if something was wrong for he was either petrified or rather bewitched in front of our gate As I got close to him he reached out his finger to his right hand and raised his hand to the height of my dick but he still didn't say anything and his intense look made me hard When I got to the gate and I opened it he started mumbling in front of him mumbling about the child's toy that he had abandoned and now he's looking for it His index finger was just inches away from my dick his eyes stuck to it I took his hand carefully he didn't resist I turned his palm up I put my dick in it I closed his fingers he grabbed my dick I was waiting for the effect but it wasn't what I expected his fingers were blown open his hand fell off my very stiff cock by then I didn't give up I took her hand again and put my almost complete virility in it but to avoid repeating the previous incident I didn't let go and I started to jerk her around and then she started to wake up
- You're naked who's f?
- You don't have it because you have it in your hand - I answered
In the meantime I let go of his hand but he started pulling the skin on my dick and I could feel him getting more and more horny Be careful not to fall out of the fullness of my masculinity now I began to move back into the yard As we got to an area where the Tuya Bush was blocking me from any prying eyes he crouched down in front of me with one hand grasping my fangs raised him slightly and with the other he began to play gently with my balls He caressed her pecked her He leaned close to her and began to massage her with his tongue took her in the mouth one at a time the other at a time both at a time Although the two didn't fit all the way into his mouth After a while all of a sudden he stopped and got up and I thought it was over But suddenly he took off his shirt and there was the giant perhaps a little oversized breasts the size was no surprise because the lady was large He left no time for pleasure and he took off his shorts and with him his underwear was hardly small So you could see his unshaven lustful cunt I dug into the thick black hair and I found her cunt with my fingers and I could feel it was very wet so she was quite excited I tried to finger him but in one move he ripped himself out and crouched down in front of me He took my loins in his hand and smeared the sap at the end on the pink head and then using the strawberry ice method began to lick my dick with the tip of his tongue first at the opening where the SAP came out licking the last drop out of it In the meantime with the other hand he began to massage his own breasts and then gently down he began to pamper his vagina In my charm he changed his method and now he no longer licked it gently but took the whole thing almost to the root and began to suck it with great force He sucked so hard I thought he was sucking my guts out through my dick For a while he'd lick me and he'd suck me intensely and he'd caress his pussy When I knew there wasn't much left I warned him Then he stopped caressing his vagina and with both hands he began to take care of my balls while sucking heavily I couldn't take it anymore and I came in his mouth I injected him with a fair amount of semen and he barely swallowed it and when the semen was ejected he took it out of his mouth He placed his thumb at the bottom of my dick on the semen line at the base his index finger and middle finger at the top and began milking my dick as a drop of semen appeared at the end and his operation continued until there was semen in the opening at the end of my dick When he couldn't suck anything out he stopped and started taking care of himself But I did not allow it so I gently drew him to the sunbed nearby ( a solid piece of wood) and laid him on it I put a chair next to the bed and I put his legs on it so I could see his inviting and desirable vagina all over the place I leaned close to him and licked it with my tongue I could feel a tremor running through her body her thighs closed like my head was stuck in a vice and I could barely get her out but I had to because I didn't want her to come not yet As soon as I got out I started to deal with her breasts First I massaged her by hand crumbling her nipples and then I licked and licked and smoked With one hand I took the razor or any cutting tool into a thick black cunt hair I had never seen before and began to caress it and I made a deliberate move towards its pleasure cave As I reached my middle finger I carefully inserted it between her labia touching her clitoris I could feel it writhing and he was really enjoying it I put my clitoris between my thumb and my clitoris and I started to crumble and I sucked her tits and she threw herself at me with pleasure I stopped crumbling his clitoris and put my middle finger in his vagina (while my dick was once again in full life - like a light pole) My finger was almost lost in the vagina dilated as a result of the birth of three children and I pulled out and touched the rough vaginal wall which he enjoyed so much that he began to scream So he called my index finger to help me with his vaginal wall which he enjoyed very much with little moans and screams I left her breasts all alone and all I cared about was her vagina and I held five fingers together and I stuck them in her vagina and then I bent as carefully as I could inside and started caressing her wall She could barely stand it throwing herself at herself gurgling almost barely breathing feeling very close to orgasm I got excited too so I rubbed the lubricant at the end of my dick on the side of his side worked tirelessly with one hand in his vagina rubbed my dick on his belly his thigh and with the other hand I returned to his breasts again Suddenly his body froze his cunt held my hand like a vice and then a scream came out of him and on my hand I felt a very abundant liquid flowing out of his cunt like a stream The grip slowly lowered his body began to calm with slow tremors and the sweat was pouring out of him and suddenly he seemed very exhausted I stopped caressing her breasts gently pulling my hand out of her cunt dripping pussy juice not rubbing my cock as a spear I waited for a few seconds and then I carefully tried to get in the middle of the foot but he closed his legs and spoke
- Please don't make me so tired I've enjoyed something I've never enjoyed before I'm so tired
- Don't be silly can't you see how much my dick wants your pussy?
- I can't help you just try and sort it out please
- All right
With this I threw one of my legs over him with my balls hanging over his breasts my dick dangling near his mouth
- I'm not gonna put it in my mouth right now I'm sorry
- You don't have to I'll jerk you off but you're gonna suck my dick right?
- Of course it was delicious before Make sure they're all in my mouth
- All right
I grabbed my dick with my wet hands and it turned out to be a really good lubricant because it was slippery I started masturbating My hands were slipping on my cock my drooping and swinging scrotum sometimes touching each other's breasts it was very hot so I got to the top pretty fast When the semen started squirting I put my dick in his mouth and he opened it and I came in He started licking the rest but he stopped quickly and said
- Semen mixed with pussy juice is not as good as pure
He rose from the sun-bed with trembling legs approached the court-shower washed himself about washed himself dry picked up his clothes and fled the yard in a panic
My joke went much better than expected
Since then every time I see him on the street he gets embarrassed


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