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When I was 15 my life took an unexpected and tragic turn My parents and I were on our way home when a truck ran into us My father and mother died at the scene and all I had was a broken arm and two cracked ribs What came next I only remember vaguely I've been lying in the hospital for two weeks and I've had doctors acquaintances and psychologists take turns None of them could help of course but at least they calmed their conscience Meanwhile social services went to work and found my grandparents on the other side of the country It's weird to say this but I've never seen them To me grandma and grandpa were my mother's family and after my father married my mother and was baptized he broke all ties with his parents
They visited me on a Wednesday They brought me a big bouquet of flowers and fruit They both tried to be nice but they didn't really know what to do with me My grandmother as it turned out was my stepmom who insisted that I call her aunt Aranka was a 54-year-old woman with a loud voice the sweet smell of her perfume and the tinkling of her jewels was disgusting For the bereavement suit it consisted of a black miniskirt and a short-sleeved blouse under which she had not even worn a bra The minute I saw her I knew I'd hate her My grandfather made me look like a real Slipper husband just sitting quietly beside my bed holding my hand and making a sympathetic face
I didn't want to go with them but I had no choice As it turns out our apartment and furniture have already been sold I have nothing but clothes and books Apparently a psychiatrist advised me to keep as little of my past as possible
A month after my parents died I was home again The place I had to consider my home was a large house in a small village about 25 kilometers from Nyíregyháza I had a nice big room with my own bathroom and TV and a computer When I told aunt Aranka that I didn't even need these because we don't watch TV at home and I could only use the computer to study she raised her eyebrows but she didn't say anything Turns out I can't find believers like me in this villageif I want to go to church I have to take the bus to town but he doesn't go on weekends well pray at home that's all
Our first fight started shortly after I felt it I liked to finish the year so I could apply but Grandma and grandpa said it was too much of a shock - as if they knew it so well - to take a year off When I finally gave in they told me not to stay home go to school get used to the new environment new classmates
It was horrible I thought there were big differences between our religious schools and the state but what I saw here scared me I was afraid of them because they dressed differently behaved differently and spoke differently than I did It seemed normal to their teachers that the girls could barely see their clothes that their boys were asking for fire and that half the class was spent trying to calm their students down Of course I became the class clown and no one tried to protect me To adapt to them even a little I started wearing jeans and a T-shirt but of course that wasn't enough I was most annoyed by a man named Feri who whispered dirty words in my ear in class and enjoyed watching me turn red
We were in gym class on Tuesday and I was on my way out to the yard and someone called me by my name I turned around but there was no one there The sound came from one of the classes so I carefully walked to the door and opened it a crack Feri was in there with another guy
- She'd make a good girl after all - he said
- No kidding she's like a nun
- She still has great tits I'd like to fuck her She must be a virgin
- Maybe - at that moment the door opened and I fell into class By the time I got up Feri had risen above me - Listening hearing? - he asked and grabbed my arm - Is it okay for a nice girl like you to do that? Or perhaps "he smiled" you're not so nice? The other one stepped behind me and kept my mouth shut - Hey Feri you want to see her tits? I tried to hobble but they didn't hold me tight they put on my shirt and ripped off my bra I can't tell you how I felt at the time I should have been ashamed but I was so surprised it seemed so incredible that I just stood there frozen Feri grabbed my nipples and started twisting them The pain woke me up I tried to scream but Feri slapped me There was a bright light in my eyes the blitze on your phone - I took your picture you titty bitch if you say a word to anyone your face will be on the internet Do you understand?


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