Akabur’s Witch Trainer Uncensored Part 5

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I stayed longer at work than usual It was a gloomy winter day the holidays were coming up and before the end of the year some work had to be done I've suffered a lot with them and it took me two hours to get out of work I was tired I don't belong to those whose mood is affected in any way by weather but that winter night was such that even I had a bad feeling He probably still had the job the deadline and all the other problems so I was in a bad mood about half the subway
I took the subway all the way to the end of HEV from which I had a long almost half-hour journey which was nothing but I was not in the mood But somehow I just had to get home and walk through the platform of the HEV stop bored and tired Unfortunately for me the green iron snake wasn't inside yet I went ahead as usual looking around for people who were also waiting for the heat to arrive at the station There weren't many after all it was after 7: 00 but they were still waiting in jopar
By the door or rather by the door where I used to take off a young woman and an older gentleman stood Both of them seemed to be coming from work; the Lord rubbed his tired eyesand made a face as if he never came to the platform again but the woman took the labour of the day quite well; she held her head on a bus and her eyes glistened bright In one handhe held a FishBone nylon bag and through the material it was clear that the book he was carrying was written by Leslie L LawrenceHe also had a small black bag hanging from his left shoulder She wasn't dressed properly but she was definitely pretty I wouldn't say it was prettybut my imagination could work out a thing or two about it He was about 26 years old had short brown hair a pair of jeans and a thicker dark coat
Our eyes met - perhaps I was the only one who felt it because I wanted something positive that day-and I thought I saw a tiny smile on his face and flames in his eyes I didn't know what to make of itI thought it was just my imagination and I'm really fantasizing But our eyes seemed to stick together and I wanted to turn away but I just couldn't get away from his mesmerizing eyes In the end I turned my head for I heard the familiar pulsation from the depths of the tunnel and in the distance I saw the white palm of the reflectors of the HEV
The vehicle slowly as usual rolled into the station and opened the doors with a loud hissingIn winter it sometimes turns out that the lights on the HEV are not on in a carand when you go home at nightthe darkness surrounds you during your journey It is not possible to read but it can be seen quite clearly and is not disturbed by the soft yellow or bluish lights of the interior of the vehicle and by the faces which re-appear on the window I think that was a good thing for me because the second car in HEV's car had the same lack of light At least I'll be able to doze off not have to squint in front of me
Those passengers landed and the waiters boarded the ures trainWe took off by the back door: the old gentleman turned from one side to the inside of the car and the young woman turned towards the end of the car into the little fellow where there were only a few ubles I was about to get on when I remembered I had to buy a newspaper There was still two minutes before the heat started so I quickly moved to the new stand The station had already warned me that a train was about to leave the platform and I was in a great hurry to get back to the intended carriage The car was half full and I - I still don't know why - took a turn into the sprinklers exactly where the young woman came in a few minutes ago Apart from her there was only one old woman in this part of the HEV; o ult at the left window of the direction of travel and the other with her back to the direction of travel I sat down next to the ures seat and I also had my back to the front
I saw him looking at me but I didn't even noticeI felt really stupid What the hell am I doing here?
Although it doesn't matter where I sit Two stops and you won't give a damnThe yellow lights were on and the whistle was about to take off It can be very annoying when they speak for minutesbut fortunately the lights went out quickly and the heat slowly rolled out from the station and we were caught in the darkness
Anyone who's ever traveled under these circumstances knows how dark it is in the car I didn't even get the position lights When the woman's hand came to my thigh she was flaccid Oh my god what now? And then I said to myself " relax it's gonna be what you dream about in your dirty fantasy"The hand was resting on my legand then it slowly started up()


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