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I sat on the toilet for like an hour until all the shit came out of me I was trying to pull myself together While I was sitting there I was thinking about what happened I didn't really know where to put what that was I got my ass fucked up and it was all I could think about It hurt a lot But in retrospect for the better part it turns my dick on I got strong and cleaned up I stepped out of the shop and looked at the clock 10 minutes after 10: 00 Oh my god They're coming for the car I cleaned up the ruins By 10: 00 they were there to pick up the truck we settled the money and said Good-bye
I locked the garage door and then I headed up to the apartment
Jani was sitting on the couch in the living room and it looked like she was sleeping Before that a bottle of schnapps half full the night before Next to it two glasses one full the other empty "I went to him" said I " I raised the full glass to your health" He didn't wake up He's passed out I poured it again in both I pulled them off one by one No reaction I went to the kitchen and looked for food I had dinner and I went back to the living room and the silly thing started to work I pushed two more I looked at Jani who was sitting there in her underwear and I found myself staring at her dick with the tip sticking out of her pants I felt a desire to "examine" him from a distance but I was afraid he'd wake up and see what he'd say I had another pep talk and I'll tell you who cares what he says He fucked my ass so at least let me see the target tool I got down on my knees leaned closer to him sniffed around It smelled good The smell of her shower gel I took it out of my pants It was a very heavy piece even when it was so low His testicles were like a bull's I wanted to suck his dick I felt a desire to suck his dick First I kissed him from the Acorn to the base then I kissed his testicles I wanted to see what they tasted like I ate them but nothing fancy I could barely fit them in my mouth Then I went back to his acorn Now I started licking it from the base to the tip and back as wet as possible I started pulling the skin on it He was starting to freak out but he still didn't wake up And then I started kissing his acorn while I was moving my hand up and down his dick His veins are all swollen The first lustful drops appeared on the tip of her acorn I licked it off him It tasted a little weird but it was good Salty but also bitter I circled with my tongue on his acorn trying to draw out as much joy as I could which I had swallowed And then I found this giant dick and I tried to take as much of it as I could His acorn barely fit in my mouth so it didn't go too deep I was sucking and I was beating the big dick I sucked like a skunk He woke up 15 minutes after a blow job Now you got me I thought But I didn't care I kept sucking as much as I could and then he grabbed my head and literally started fucking my mouth I almost drowned when he put my head on his dick And he was moaning wheezing I thought I couldn't do it wrong if he enjoyed it so much All I did was suck on it and beat the big dick while he was pulling my head on it faster and faster My dick was staring up hard and then it exploded I started beating myself with my free hand The other one I was working on his I was suffocating when he shoved it down my throat I was drowning and then he pulled it out Yeah he was just smacking off with all that saliva and pre-wet stuff After half an hour of intense blow after a blow to the mouth the concrete hard prick stretched out and spilt all the cum out of him I'm surprised it came out so suddenly Since the Acorn could barely fit in my mouth I had no choice if I didn't want to drown I had to swallow it That didn't taste too bad There was a lot of semen coming out of it I think he was skimming off my share I swallowed as fast as I could Must have been a ten-round discharge He gave me a little more blow job and then he let my head go I took his dick out of my mouth and licked it clean My dick was still unfulfilled up hard as concrete I got up I got closer to him and I told him - now it's your turn And I shoved my dick in his mouth He didn't resist much because he fell for her You may be surprised however because you opened your eyes wide He started giving me a massive blow job and I was moving my butt back and forth more and more intensely and deeper trying to push it in I didn't get much of mine either He was humping and sucking After a few minutes I shot him in the mouth He didn't spill a drophe licked my dick clean too
I looked down and I saw his big stud-sized cock again I felt compelled to sit in it I stepped over it and carefully inserted it without any foreplay First I stuffed his acorn inside me with a little saliva Because I was still pretty "wet" on the inside it was relatively easy It was tight but after a while the rest of it got inside me I felt like I was being impaled()


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