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Busy mountains of needles fluttered on my shoulders and on the wet summit of my hoodie in my forehead As soon as a large drop of water was filled he continued to bomb the nose of my shoes with rapid pace
Hoodie? He says it's in some kind of funny charming language: "Tweety"
At each turn I was once again struck by the threatening microscopic icicles as if they were trying to hold me back I imagined the deep-grey all-covered gomolly coming at him and in the decaying streets of the hurried steps they found the dubious figure walking slowly up and down as a watchman They aim at you from afar and they sound loud or loud depending on how well they compensate for the gust of wind
My thoughts have placed me in a comfortable limousine sinking almost imperiously back into a seat and on the slope of the windscreen I observe the growth the senseless clash and the swelling of the rolling down into the dark depths When I was a kid I used to watch the rain through the windows of my warm room for hours listen to the knock that's what you can admire about the safety of a car
Limousine like any other vehicle could have been a dream for me
After my face was wet and cold the rain began to attack from below and I felt that starting at the warmth of my shoes it crept in through hair-cracks and opened its winter breath through the straightened passages of the grip of my pant-leg
I extended the 42 paces for it was the third time in a short time that the same shopkeeper who preparing for the night-time opening quickly smeared the marks within the entrance and emptied the counter
I looked up to the four-story gray How do I know when the time is right?
The building was cold at the effort of the spring winter The windows are dark the traffic is thin they don't shine they don't expect late visitors
I went around The tall narrow windows facing the parking lot are also silent tense dismissive Bathrooms on each floor Somewhere there must be an abandoned shower head dripping with lonely mist on the tile
I shuddered
I need to get in here
First time - I corrected it with no lip movement tightened lips
Among the small narrow windows there is only one larger located on each level the corridor ends there For me it's the top one that's interesting It's just a jump - I smiled in agony I wasn't sure it was a good idea anymore But why not? If I can solve the first breach properly the second which has long matured and I have played it many times in my dreams can only be good
I knew these calculations were unnecessary I would carry out the plan in any case but it's more useful than getting scared and giving up and besides there's something to think about while I'm circling the puddles
I've been waiting for this day
I did not expect it and I consider it a prudent exercise to find such movement from the parking lot despite the icy drizzle and the late hour But the store's gonna be closed the neighborhood's gonna be quiet The four floors were empty by midday and there was a loud noise like an outburst Next up is the store and the convenience store doesn't matter if I don't poke the bored shopkeeper's suspicions with my mindless stomping
I got even further away and with my eyes I suggested the fourth floor
Everyone else was in a hurry holding an umbrella banging a car door The streetlights could hardly escape from their narrow backyard and under the trees the tiny-eyed drizzle gathered evil and fell under it like a treacherous bomb At the beginning of spring winter was still tickling its teeth
My knee-soaked pants were like a chilling pipe It seemed like there was no end to the reversing but the cloud and smoke coming down to the parking lot were covering me up for good
With a sudden change of direction I went around a flat building that seemed to be standing aimlessly by the fence One step on the grid one pull-up another step on the top of the fence and one splash on some kind of dirt vomit and all you had to do was walk down to the base of the four-story target building On a narrow sidewalk perhaps not used to me by anyone I walked proudly to the pale-lit entrance and right next to it using the lightning rod and again a window bar I climbed up on the flat roof above the stairs and easily pushed the window with the door open which was carefully paved in I sat on the windowsill with my feet hanging in relieved
I had the first one and the second one was all fun
I felt like whistling but I didn't so I took off my shoes so they wouldn't reconstruct the events from the muddy footprints I locked the window behind me and I aimed for the fourth floor The stairs are dark but I could only detect it from the railing if another turn was to take place


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