Their College System is Unmatched

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It's been months since the party with Martin and her big-tailed husband and his mistress Ákos had a dick so big that Martí couldn't take it he let her husband find someone to fuck with The skinny little twig could take it all up the pussy up the ass and suck the guy's Dick And I was used to treat Martin which I didn't mind because she was a good woman and she knew everything a man could ever want in bed
One afternoon Martin and I came home from a meeting in the country together Of course we were talking about our little fuck when it came out of my mouth:
- Your partner's got a nice dick
Martí looked at me
- I beg your pardon?
I couldn't take it back
- He's got a nice dick
Martin's eyes are caught in his eye:
- Did you just say you like Ákos's Dick?
- Yeah - yeah Why not?
He started asking me questions:
- You don't like it do you stupid? Tell me
I didn't let him finish that sentence
 There's a lot you don't know about me
I could tell he was speechless He just looked at me with his cow eyes and made me laugh
- Oh girl what now? I've been fucked before
- What? He asked screaming
Then there was no stopping I told him everything or almost everything My dorm days when I lived in a room with a guy we used to fuck and the first time I ever fucked a man not a woman
She was staring at me with big eyes
 But you know what the best part was? When Peter my roommate's brother came He was a Creole kid his father was Cuban He had a dick like Ákos
- Did he fuck you too?
- Yeah I did
Martin was silent for minutes
And then he said:
- And now you want to fuck Ákos?
- Why not?
Then he began to tell stories
- You know I needed you because I can't take Ákos's giant dick But she's been fucked too
And I started blinking
- When I found out I couldn't stand his giant cock we made up all kinds of stuff to make it good for him I already had a vibrator we got her one and I fucked her in the ass I'm not saying he liked it If you can imagine how much stuff he'd be spraying Whoa It was just the sight of it that made me come
I've seen him come so many times now I imagine an operation like this I can't tell you it's starting to give me a hard-on
- And you think Ákos would be into it? - I did
- Him? If he gets turned on he'll fuck anything with a hole in it even the tailpipe of his car
That's all we had to do until we got home Three days later Martin rang me
- Ákos would be into it
- What? In what? 'Cause I wasn't even thinking about it
- The two of you
That's when it hit me
- Oh shit
- Come by tomorrow It's just the three of us
I've been looking forward to it It's been a long time since I've been with a guyit's brought back memories
When I got there it turned out there wasn't gonna be three of us and Ági was there Martin's open door again Ákos was sitting naked in the living room on the couch and Ági kneeled in front of him and gave him a blowjob
When I walked in he stopped stood up completely naked and I saw his hand going through his thighs
- Now you guys have seen us play lesbo now it's your turn
Ákos wasn't very talkative that's all he said:
- Come on
He didn't have to say it twice I took off my clothes in no time and I was on my knees before I took his dick and the old reflexes came out and I wanted to give him the best blow job I could With my left hand I caressed his bag and with my other hand I began to pull the skin and with my mouth I fell on his acorn
The two girls had their mouths open They didn't see that coming They sat on both sides of us first they looked at us then they both reached into their vaginas and slowly started to excite their clitoris
Ákos put his hand on my head and that's all he said:
- You suck so good
But I wished for something else
I got up I walked up to the couch and I lay on my stomach Ákos jumped right in kneeling behind me He was careful put a condom on his dick He grabbed my hip and he lifted me up and slowly started to get inside me My butt was slowly expanding and I could feel the great tool filling my body I looked to the side: the two girls were watching us with their mouths open and caressing themselves I raised myself more so Ákos could push it deeper
- That's all he said
And he started fucking slowly carefully It's been a long time since I felt someone inside me caught up in incredible stimuli My dick was like a pin in the front maybe I've never had it so hard
Meanwhile the two girls were breathing louder and louder Dip pulled out a vibrator from somewhere shoved it up his ass and he was just watching us masturbate


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