Real Public Bus Girl Swallows My Cum

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It all started in the locker room so I came out because my classmates are idiots but that's not what hurt me the most it's because he didn't stand up for me when the fucking war attacked me I sat down on the floor next to the bench and pulled an orange out of my bag I started to open the orange when I heard a door slam and then the sound of footsteps approaching He came into the locker room and grinned flirtatiously when he got in front of me
- Really? - yeah Are you sulking and eating oranges ? You know you're really quick to get angry- he fell in front of me
 In case you haven't noticed I'm only opening the Orange not eating - that's when I took off the last piece of orange peel and the juice splashed in my eyes
I instinctively flinched back and hit my head against the wall and he began to laugh and the bat stopped for a while but only until I had a plan to kill him I took a killer look at him but he didn't even notice so I took the Orange in half and as it was I stuffed half of it in his mouth and he took a bite out of it and the whole orange splattered all over his shirt
- Shit I'll take it off to dry - he took off his shirt and showed me his muscles While he was screwing around with his shirt I was drooling and letting my imagination run wild It took me a while to get rid of my anger as I imagined rubbing my tongue all over his chest I noticed I was staring at it so I focused on the Orange
 You know you really shouldn't get so caught up in the jokesthey don't mean it
I didn't answer anythingI just started eating the Orange I bit into a slice of Orange I didn't want to look up to him because I knew I'd be staring at his chest again so I just kept eating the Orange I tried to lick it off again but he stopped my hand and drew my finger to his mouth
- Oh baby if you only knew how sexy you are - he took my finger and I felt his tongue caressing me through the new medulla oblongata and I blushed because I felt there was something to lick down below
He still glanced at me with my finger in his mouth and his eyes deep into my eyes and I blushed I saw the desire the lust and the passion in his eyes He let go of my finger and suddenly bent over and kissed me He didn't go soft right away pushing his lips hard against mine bit my lower lip and I moaned and his tongue was in my mouth He caressed my tongue and my lips a little bit away from me but just enough so that our lips can't touch but our tongues can dance wildly he reached to the edge of my shirt and pulled it up I was in a bra in front of him I put my hand right in front of me I didn't like my boobs I thought they were small But he put his hand on my wrist and gently pulled it
- You have nothing to be ashamed of and you drive me crazy so please let me see them - I pulled my hand away and she unhooked my bra - You look beautiful
He kissed me hard and then he started to walk down my neck with a bunch of kisses all over me but when he touched my collarbone he bit me a little bit and every nerve in my body was tense and waiting for the sequel He began to go down towards my breasts but for a moment I stopped and saw him confused He held the remains of the Orange in his hand over my breasts I didn't understand what he was trying to do but then he pressed the Orange and the juice spilled on my breasts He followed the orange juice route with his tongue It went down my nipples and my stomach He started licking my stomach When he reached for the nipple he took my breast and took the whole nipple in his mouth and I moaned up and he stuck two fingers in my mouth because he knew our classmates were out there I enjoyed sucking his fingers The bell rang and he picked up his head from the sweet and sour activity and quickly helped me up There's always a small cleaning kit in the dressing roomstwo people could barely fit in it()


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