Public Agent Innocent Babe Paid for Sex

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It all started when Aniko was in our class She was a tall full-bodied brunette with black hair and eyes He's fallen twice before so not only by stature but by knowledge korra was a big one My classmates soon realized that he couldn't fight back that he couldn't fight back if he was bullied and so they did everything they could to have fun with him
That's why we became friends Before that I Hilberg Fae was the target of ridicule and now their attention has been shared between us We had nothing in common: I was short and thin more of a boyish body fair blond hair and long face (others called me "friends") I helped him study he tried to protect me if they pushed me too hard It's been less than a month and we've become such good friends as if we've known each other for years Of course my mother wasn't happy because she didn't think she was right for me but I didn't care what he thought
We were well inside in May when it happened We chatted in my room-she usually visits me because she lived in a strange place on the edge of town - and suddenly she changed One minute I saw Aniko the next I saw a woman's body I wanted to touch her hair inhale the smell of her skin caress her body
- What's going on? - he asked
"Nothing" I replied and put my arm around him " but it's so good to have you"
He smiled and I leaned over and our lips met Next thing I know I'm sitting on his lap with my legs open and kissing his boobs His cape was on the ground next to my shirt and we hugged each other like crazy As they say a pin wouldn't fit between us Then he lifted me up and put me to bed
I was leaning on my arm he didn't say anything he just pushed up my leg and started circling my clitoris with his clever tongue making me feel like I was being electrocuted I couldn't hold on I went to bed I closed my eyes I circled my nipples with my fingers and I enjoyed what my girlfriend was doing between my legs He drew his tongue in my vagina and suddenly I felt two fingers in and out and three fingers so fast so hot that I could not help myself When I felt her lips sucking on my clitoris I started throwing myself screaming And then all of a sudden there was this intoxicating brain-foggy feeling and I knew that orgasm was never this long and intense I came or my body was twitching for a minute Anita was kissing my clitoris holding my breasts waiting for me to wake up - Kiss my ass - he spoke to me and I eagerly drilled my face into his pussy Licking sucking biting his clitoris sticking my tongue in his vagina I stretched her lips with my hands more and licked her as wild as ever At first I only put two fingers in but his pussy got a lot bigger than mine so pretty soon all five fingers were gone
- Fasterharder - he moaned And I've eaten her squishy pussy and I've stuffed her wild with three fingers He enjoyed it so much he threw himself so much I had to hold him down while he was holding his breasts wildly All of a sudden his whole body was tense and he came out with a big splash The smell drove me crazy and I drilled it deep between the thighs of my face and tried to lick it clean
- Do you love him that much? - he wondered
"I love it" I said "My whole body glistened with sweat and his juices" I want to bathe in it" You can pee on me if you want
- Don't bullshit me
- No I'd love to have your warm pee all over my body It'd be like covered in Solid Gold water
I once again descended into his thighs and began to beg - just a little bit please A drop or two to taste to smell the intoxicating scent - I caressed her gently I started to tease her - Come on piss on your little girlfriend
He obeys me And I while the yellow liquid was pouring down on me I was fingering myself so fiercely my pussy was tearing apart I don't know how many orgasms I've had I passed out and fell on the floor with a trembling body


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