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Usual Christmas Day I woke up this morning had breakfast tidied up set up the tree and decorated it After lunch he took a nap and then the long-awaited gift-giving with my parents I'm 20 I'm an engineer and I love fixing and fixing so I got a model A Porsche 911 Carrerat or parts of it to be exact After I started putting it together I got a text that I wasn't expecting Luca texted me " Merry Christmas"
But who is Luca? Well she's the girl who got me into friend-zone and I couldn't escape I'm still very attached to him but I haven't seen him in a while and I haven't spoken to him in a while because I've had a girlfriend for two years who wouldn't take kindly to me hooking up with the former Bachelor
So Luca is the long-forgotten girl in my life It's a cliche but I always thought I'd hook up with her have my first big love and everything that could come until the end But it didn't When I asked him the big question at a moment that seemed appropriate he froze for a minute Then in the world the kindest but really the kindest he told me that it didn't seem reciprocated on his part but that I would be a really good "party" for someone but that someone is not him and that I would believe that I would find the right one who would be good enough for me So yeah he stabbed me in the stomach and in the heart but then he blocked me verbally and caressed me until I fell asleep
That's how I ended up with Dora six months after that For a while everything was great we were in love we ate each other forever and we really did everything we could as a couple For two months there wasn't a day we didn't have sex (it was summer) So for a while there I was pretty sure it was the new one What's new? She's the one and I thought " Dejo Luca was right"
And then two years went by very slowly And so much has changed I went to college and Dora sort of did he's fallen behind in my progress I'm sure that sounds very egotistical but it turns out that in some ways he's really stupid compared to me Disturbingly stupid For example I like to talk about a lot of things simultaneously with someone I'm gonna start one topic and then I'm gonna start another one and I'm gonna get an answer and I'm gonna have a normal conversation so when I think of one thread I'm gonna say it And it's just impossible with him You never know which thing I was talking about before
And of course that's just one thing that bothers me about Dora
But we're not breaking up yet I haven't given up yet I think I have a lot of flaws that she's willing to deal with so I can get over her But our relationship isn't at its peak
Well back to the present: text from Luca My Luca
I called him
I asked him how his day was going what's been going on with him lately and we talked about a few sentences in general At first he was surprised and unkind and then he got more and more cheerful and when we got to the end of the conversation he was in a shit mood again I asked him if there was anything wrong and he said no And then I asked him if he was sure and he just slowly said " Well" I'm sure it is So I told him if he wanted to we could meet today I know it's Christmas and everything but it's been a long time since we've seen each other and it would be nice to spend some time with him And I don't have much to do because my parents are going to bed early and for lack of anything else I was just planning on studying for the night
Finally he agreed and we hung up on him
I got ready and drove across town He lives in a small cul-de-sac where both sides have very nice two-story family homes I always felt good when I walked down this street before and it was no different now
Through the windows you could see the colored Christmas trees and what families do I was in a really good mood I called Luca because I didn't want to ring his parents Soon he appeared at the door I was waiting for him on the road
When he locked the door and looked at me he grinned wide and ran to me My coat was open so his embrace was close and warm Very nice and warm I kissed her forehead while she was snuggling up to me and I held her tight
It felt really good It's as good as I haven't felt in a long time It was just a hug
After we were pretty much done she said Hi I said hi too and I smiled at him And then after a little break I told her I missed you so much
- I miss you too
- But I miss you a lot
- I miss you too - he laughed merrily
I grabbed his hands He was wearing thin thread gloves All her fingers were warm and beautiful I just didn't know what to do So much I was so caught up with Luca and this whole situation()


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