Skinny girl is fisted

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 Come on we're not waiting for you till dawn
- I'm comingwhy are you yelling? Seriously if you weren't my best friend I would have drowned you in a spoon of water
- I know you couldn't do it without me
- Valószínűde now get off your ass and let's go if you're going to let me go
- Cheers let's go
After that we got in the car of the friends and we went to the New Year's house party You know I've always loved these things more than the tuc-tuc disc so I was thrilled to have had time for a little party between exams I was like if we're gonna do it we're gonna do it perfect I pulled down my black lace backless dress and then I moved my toes in my fire-red heels Ahhh yeah being a good woman On my friend's advice I let out my reddish-brown curly hair and I felt my purse with a condom in it Who knows why I put it in there It wasn't my primary goal but it's better to be prepared By the time I got everything right we were at the party It's a two-story family house filled with some old memories because it's my ex's cousin's home That's why I was uncertain at the beginning but since the owner (Twilight) insisted that my ex is not celebrating here I already left
By the time we came through the door the music was already humming inside Then the team split up and I stayed with my friend (Kitty) and we immediately targeted the kitchen for a little liquid cheer On the counter were bottles and the instruments of the famous beer pong Hmmm we're off to a good start I walked up to the guy who was coordinating the contestants and he put me on the list and then we went dancing As the living room for us unleashed an incredibly sexy and sensual music we thanks to our joy and our liquid courage started a girl lap dance Me on top my friend on the bottom our hands in the air while we sigh and wriggle over each other Our little show quickly got an audience and some of the guys joined us so by the end we were rocking a multi-ply sandwich
About 10 minutes later the guy in the kitchen told me I was coming in the beer pong and I had to go back because it was about to start I'm on my way to see my unlucky opponent who I'm going to beat flat today because I'm the best in this sport which is two it's the best In the kitchen the reception was going the glasses were up and I was waiting for my opponent I was fixing my dress when Peter came through the door
- What in God's name???? What's this doing here?
'Don't Worry He must have just come in for a drink' said Kitty
But no he didn't go to the shelf he went straight to us and stopped in front of me
- What's your opponent ready for?
- You? Any time now
 I really hope you're not just talking but I used to love that too
- Fuck you I'm gonna sweep the field with you and in 10 minutes you're gonna be standing out the door drunk honey
- Let's see what you got
And everything in me was frozen because the only person who could ever beat me in this was standing right in front of me
The game's on I hit the first one but he just smiled "There must be a trap" I thought to myself And because I thought about it I made a mistake
The first glass Then the secondand three he's gone down
I'm changing tactics
- What's the matter dear?is that what you're living your life in these days?
- You want me to take it out on you?
- You're not the experience to repeat
And he missed and took the first one down Success I just have to tease and win
- That was quick but you do everything fast
He messed up again another glass That was the 10th- until when we're ready We've both been a little tipsy and our little fight has really turned us on
We were both focused on the last glass and he started and hit it I was the only one left if it was a tie But I failed so he won
I lost in the dark And he came to me he lifted my chin and whispered in my ear:
- Winner gets a dance A lap dance from you In the room He's upstairs Five minutes
He let me go and headed upstairs
I was in such a state of shock that it was only Kitty's shock that woke me up
- What? Hello can you hear me?
- Uh sureI lost
- So what? It happens you can't always win Come on let's dance
- No I can't
- I don't know
- He won
- And?
- He's waiting upstairs
- No don't be stupid you don't owe anything Especially him
- No it's only fair
- What do you have to do?
- Lap dancejust the two of us
- I won't let that happen
- Leave me aloneI'm not a pussy I'm gonna take him down and come back
I went behind my back and showed him I'd be back in five minutes
He sighed and went into the living roomI'll head upstairs


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