Jamie Valentine And Paris Milk Their Bound Slave

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The hospital was a good 10-minute drive which of course you can't sit on a dumpster especially when you're in a car with your mother-in-law and father-in-law The father-in-law started talking to me right away trying to discuss business or just trying to bring me up to speed So that we could talk better I sat in the middle and I leaned forward so he didn't have to turn back he just took a look in the mirror and made eye contact with me
Of course I couldn't really listen because I was thinking about everything else especially the beautiful woman sitting next to me in a state without a muff As I sat I could feel his thighs touching mine Because of my speaking position I sat slightly forward in the seat and leaning forward so that the space between the two front seats was completely covered and I was not blindfolded I kind of pulled her back a little bit and I saw my mom sitting almost at attention strapped to my right and her two legs closed tight I smiled at him but he didn't return the favor As I continued to talk to the father-in-law I stretched my right hand back and stroked his free knees slightly stretching his legs My father was about to start a long monologue and I nodded in agreement with him and I got more and more bold in the back and my hands were on the thighs and I could feel him closing them up even more
I felt that I could not stop; this forbidden situation had aroused me so much that I had a complete ERECTION So I put my hands back on his bare knees and I went up and I brushed them inch by inch and I felt the trembling of the legs that gave me goose bumps under my hands when my hand was between the thighs and he took my wrist and tried to pull it out from under his skirt but fortunately at that moment my father-in-law spoke to him:
- Right honey ?
- Of course dear"he replied" I did not know what it was about myself for I was only focused on the matting but it came in handy for his grip gave way and with a quick motion I put my hand between the thighs"
Dad kept talking and now he's talking to my mother-in-law so I used his drooping attention to pry open the thighs and I immediately felt his pussy in my hand
As if nothing had changed it was wet and hot I turned back again and looked into his eyes where I immediately discovered a sensation of excitement in winter but still a sense of excruciating shame He knows that I know his secret he knows that I know his excitement that was in his eyes and I could not rest; I pushed my hand further back and I put my middle and pointing finger immediately into his vagina which he took note of with a sigh and I put my thumb on his stiff clitoris and began the circular motion with my fingers
Because of the tightness I actually moved my fingers around in her pussy and it wasn't a good situation for a real thrill After a few moves his thighs opened up a little so my movement was easier and I heard him breathing faster
Unfortunately we were moving very fast so after a minute we turned into the hospital parking lot and I felt him touching my shoulder turning back his eyes burning with excitement but his expression was almost begging me to stop I pulled out my hand and saw his grateful nod and then his astonishment when I raised my fingers to my face I smelled them first and licked them one by one
Dad parked and then we got out of the car and we headed to the hospital I stayed a little further back my in-laws were side by side I immediately noticed the situation of the mother-in-law it was a little strange and at first I thought it might bother her with the undies but then I noticed a faint stain on the back of her skirt I was very proud of myself
Given our financial situation my wife was in her own room and as soon as we got through the door her face brightened up and she was happy to welcome her parents and I went around her bed and I approached her from the other side His parents kissed him and then he turned to me smiled and gave me a kiss and immediately I leaned over him and with his right hand clasped my neck and greeted me with a long tongue kiss with his left hand slipping off my chest stopping at my groin and squeezing my still half-stiff cock()


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