Castings – Nelly (25 years)

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It was a nice winter weekday a Friday by the name of it Just the usual stuffGetting up early school teachers et cetera
There was one reason I was able to keep myself awake
For the party tonight
We've been planning for like a month in class to go to a house party a lot of us would get together and have a good time
The house where the party was held was the home of one of the richest families in the small town
Flat-screen swimming pool jacuzzi huge care Garden 3 floors large spaces lots of small rooms(of course we could not use the pool and jacuzzi but it is a good illustration)
I'm good with Dorothy and she's one of my best girl friends if you can say that for 11 to 12 years
We talked a lot that day but it was different somehow he looked into my eyes a lot more and he caressed me(it was a custom for us but not for a few minutes on a friendly basis so we had fun with it all)
She came in last night and Dorothy and I were supposed to go down to the party together but I couldn't get her on the phone or she wouldn't pick up so I called her and I called her and she said she might know where she wasTurns out he was at the party a long time ago and it was perfectly natural for him to go there alone
I was a little annoyed because I stood in front of the house for a good half an hour
So I set out in the good minus to party my nerves off a little bit to ease the tension
I arrived there was loud music on the street and there were lights all over the surrounding houses
I entered the hall through the Great door where three of the four of you were already out of control heavy kissing moaning I came in after I took my things off and I said hello to everyone and I saw Dorothy I was surprised
First of all she was wearing conservative clothes to school and I couldn't understand why she didn't emphasize her shapely sort of big butt behind which there was a lot of work and her palm-to-Palm breasts(approximately 80 B)
And second of all because she was wearing a black one-dress up to her thighs with a black high heel that almost took my breath away
I walked up to him he was dancing alone and he enjoyed the party
As soon as he saw me he realized we should have come together She hugged me as usual but in a different wayIn the meantime he apologized
She had that hot hug and I could feel US merging and we weren't even kissing so I thought to myself
I went for a drink we had tequila it was our favorite We had three or four and then we started dancing
I've been to a lot of parties with him so sometimes we were dancing for a few minutes but now for some reason it was different
He took my hand off his waist to his perfect round ass which turned me on
I admit I fantasized about him a few times in the shower
Lucky for me he sensed a thick dick in my pants which after a few shots of tequila I didn't even want to hide
He started stroking her through her pants and jerking off through themIt was an amazing experience but I could barely stand on my feet because of the ecstasy and I almost jumped out of my pants
I told him to find a room he'd agreed to and on the second floor we found a really big French bed
As soon as we got in he started kissing me hard which was a little weird after the whole adventure because I had all these years of friendship in my head and so on but he distracted me by tearing my pants off and then he started sucking my dick at an incredible rate which made me feel like I was in heavenI guess the alcohol helped but I couldn't go after a good 15 minutes of blow job
So we switched places
I took off his little black dress and then I started playing with his neck his breasts down
By the time I got down to his black lace French I was swimming in the moisture of his shaved pussy
I started to slowly circle with my fingers licking his beautiful tight pussyAfter a few minutes he reached the top which he indicated with a giant scream dipped in a pillow()


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