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It's a completely made-up story for the previous episode which is also made-up
Since I didn't write a name for the lead character let's make it Adrián
Maybe most of you expect Gáborba to be the first to get together but my gym teacher Ákos made his move first So I'm going to tell you how it happened that's what happened
Well it's been a week since I got busted with Tommy and my mom's been helping me spend time with him which followed a lot of blowjobs and anal which I love most
My mom and I bought men's thongs very sexy pieces I only wear them better max if it's gym class in school then I wear briefs that day which is not just the old white but also the more modern type from ebay and associates
Tom loved it when I wore a thonghe could really get off on my butt and my hairless body It's been a year since I've been training for butt and everything but I don't want to be a muscular animalI just want to be a splinter
But let's get started on the student teacher experience
Like every morning I hated going to school except for my teacher Ákosa and a couple of very good friends that we used to keep each other alive so that we could get through just two weeks and a summer vacation I'd still cut the stupid alarm but this 6: 00 am bus just makes me hate it
Since I'm going to be doing P E today but yesterday I got a sprain in my ankle so I'm gonna put on a thong a neon pink thong that I love which I don't it's a fetishem
Summer is hot with a little tighter farmar knickers that are more of a femoral pair On the top is a muscle suppler the slightly slacker kind is not stringy Nah shoe food's packed and I'm off to the bus My leg's a little sore from the sprain Halfway down the road my buddy's gonna shake my hand and we're gonna do it together We'll talk in five minutes and we'll be there in about 15 minutes with the bus from home What's interesting lately is that I'm looking better with a year's truancy but it's the result of training It's called Balázs
It's like sometimes I feel like she's slowing down to look at my butt but maybe it's just my imagination there's no indication that she wants to try it with a boy
Well we're on the bus to school and on the bus my butt crack is always so tingly from vibrations and bumps it's like my dick is about to explode so hard Bus to school
Let's get down to the gym class or rather the gym teacher um Ákos 34-year - old muscular handsome tall say 195cm blue eyes I don't know how many people like Ps4 games but there's a game unfired 1234-and Nathan Drake who looks like Mommy and I really like him It's the best way to describe ityou can look it up
We're very close he lets me use a first name when we talk We are on the same wavelength when we talk about anything about life film something we are almost on the same page Plus all the secret courtship is starting to work because we've been talking about sex
Well since my feet are no good today and you're gonna be wearing bandages for a few more days I'm just gonna sit here and watch him teach That good ass God is so cute in those shorts that aren't too tight by the way My dick is about to explode and I want to feel his in my mouth which I don't know how big yet but it's definitely huge Let him in my butt and fuck like a bitch in heat I can't stand these thoughts anymore and I went to the toilet to jerk off I'll close the door for 40 minutes and no one will come in while they're playing football
I'm gonna put my dick out of my pants and I'm gonna beat it real slow with one hand and I'm gonna lean against the wall I love the way my little pink thong is tightI love the way my hole is tight
I almost forgot myself
Suddenly someone grabs my ass and I'm so scared I almost fell if he doesn't keep me Who's Ákos? My heart is beating so fast
- Ákos - take it Easy babe I'm fine I locked the outer door they won't come in like they're out there
But I'm me
I just stutter and freeze but he caressed her so delicately
- Ákos-very sexy your little thong fuuuuuuuuuuuuh I could always tolerate it on your tushu and your tail is already big enough
I'm a little relieved now and the caress did the trick
- Ákos-that's what I was waiting for when you came in today in this dress I couldn't help myself and I know that's what you want
- Yes Ákos I really want youI thought you weren't picking up the signals :)
He took off my top and put my hands against the wall to lean on me started kissing my back on my neck and I just moaned my dick like an iron rod turned hard It wasn't a big deal because there's a locked door and when a teacher comes for something he also has a key and he goes in But I didn't have time for that thought He took my tail and started pulling it gently


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