Wiener Bi-Sex Klaven

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They don't call me a virgin that's just my nickname my real name is Paul furrier - anyone can see it in my first letter It's easy to figure out why
The trouble began with the creator giving me a very short tool I can't even tell you how many inches total Now if a man has nothing to brag about between his legs he certainly avoids the cold - like ones with a chill at the base of their thighs I did not of course tell the world but it is clear to the blind that I remain a fair distance from the representatives of the fairer sex If the real reason should come out I don't think I'd be a virgin but I'd be living under the name of a guy with a short-tailed penis which would make me even less happy
The trouble was I watched some porn The huge size of the male members in there I was absolutely overwhelmed by despair The thickness is-is-is-is but the length is no match for what you see in the movies I've been stretching my poor tail so much But it's no use I also read in one of those articles about how men like me don't need to worry because size doesn't matter Tell that to your dear grandmother I had a schoolmate who used to say that size doesn't matter it's just that it has to be big So I didn't even dare to approach the girls with the intention of kissing them lest they might find out how short something was dangling between my legs In my opinion a girl wouldn't have wanted us touching each other The other boys were long gone if true the" baptism of fire " - not to mention the girls-and I still had nothing to brag about
I enlisted a virgin I saw that everyone's bath was longer than mine Plus we have a former schoolmate in our unit who introduced me to everyone by my nickname The Virgin guy No further explanation was needed
I spent my first leave at the barracks Why should I go into town? The others knew why They'd Drink Me Up and tell me for hours what hot girls they met Next time I could barely stop them from taking me with them They found a whorehouse and tried it out What a bunch of bitches out there I should have seen it
I felt the end coming I've decided the next time they call I'm not gonna say no ' cause they're gonna think I'm gay Whatever happens
Indeed the next Sunday after a few requests I gave in
Aunt Mariska received US and she was evidently pleased with us-of course she was mad we did not come to fuck for free I was not quite myself and before I knew it aunt Mariska arranged for me to have the most beautiful girl The boys cried out " Be Careful With Her Juci she's a virgin"And in the meantime Yuci pushed me into a small room in which there was little more than a bed Come on he said I'll take your virginity
Would you mind taking your pants off? And your pants (God it's all coming out now So I pushed him down and nothing happened Nothing tragic Juci came to me and started caressing me She wasn't beautiful but she wasn't ugly That's the kind of thing you'd call a stuffed pigeon His hands were circling my body and for a moment they touched my penis What's your name again? he asked I'm a guy (I almost said he was a Virgin"Well" said he " I'll show you something to this Palko between your legs and he starts taking off his blouse" There were swollen breasts coming out of the bra and I noticed that my Palka what a lovely name is going to raise his head "Not so fast" said Juci " you must see this and he began to remove the tight skirt" She came out of her tiny panties in a humiliating way for strippers and I just forgot about the whole world


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