White Slave for BBC

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How we women can be so mean
I was caught off guard by the overwhelming heat and I was gasping for air as we stepped out of the air-conditioned building The drops of sweat appeared immediately on Emese's forehead and the leather handle of my purse almost melted into my hand Across the street Matthew was parked and sitting grinning in his dark blue Ford The windows were up indicating that the room was air-conditioned The left one slipped down a few fingers and then we heard Matthew's muffled voice
- Where would the pretty ladies go?
- Tower - I answered with my hands
And he looked at us like he was wondering how much the ride would be worth to him
- I'd give you a lift but the ride wouldn't be free
- How much do you think young man?
- I don't take currency
My friend and I looked at each other and then we both leaned to the window and asked the question at the same time smiling at Matthew:
- Then what are you thinking young man?
- We're on the right track "Matthew replied gazing uncovered in view of the heat" our cleavage was rather lenient"
- And that was just the beginning of the road-I purred
The door locks snapped That means we've been locked out by dirt before so we can't get in I quickly jumped in the back and already I felt Matthew's hot hand wrapped around my ankle for two seconds until Emese went around the car and got in
- So we agreed on the fare Where Are we going? "asked my Secret darling
After Emese called out the address playfully we left
- There's a problem young man - I put my hand on his shoulder
- What is it Ma'am? - he asked me in the rearview mirror smiling at me
- I want to go to a different address than my girlfriend
- Is it further?
- Yeah a few miles
- In that case the rate will go up
I sat in the middle of the backseat and I pulled myself out as far as I could so he could see another button coming off my blouse
- I don't know - he looked with a thoughtful face-it's still negotiable But I think we're gonna be okay - he said with his eyes shining with a smile
- I got off pretty cheap - me and Emese laughed
- I don't want to scare away my customers by raising the rates On the contrary I want you to be satisfied and travel with me again - Matthew pressed the end of the sentence while he was watching me in the rearview mirror
- Ah we'll see about that young man - I answered with a teatful wave
We got into a little bit of a tariff theory and we had a good laugh until we got to Emese's
- Wait young man I'd rather sit in the front seat after all I'm going to be the mitfahrer now
Emese and I had a meeting the next morning and then I pulled up next to Matthew As soon as we left the little street Matthew's hand was crawling up my thigh
- Focus on the driving - I slapped him playfully
- Uh-huh I'm looking for the transmission - he said with a grin
- You're a little off - I told him but I was happy to have a little alone time
He gently caressed my knee and then his hand wandered into the inner part of my thigh slowly moving up I slipped my fingers on his and raised his hand He just smiled and kissed me on the back of my hand I could feel the warmth of my heart beating faster as I looked at her bright eyes
- Do you have some time before I take you home? - he asked - I'd like to take you somewhere - he added
- Where would you like to go?
- El - he smiled at me
- Let's go to my house - I told him and he nodded - My husband's not home anyway - I continued with a smile
- No I don't? "he asked in a hopeful and disbelieving voice"
- No I don't
- Where is he?
- He has a doctor's appointment at the hospital
- Is he sick?
- No it's just that
- yeah It's just ?
- I didn't want to tell you this until later
- About what? - he asked curiously - Is something wrong?
- Is that a problem? there always is - I sighed
- Viki
- All right
- That's how you get everything out
- Yeah but only after you've had it
Matthew blew and then we both just smiled
- So? - he asked
- Attila wants to work abroad To Austria somewhere
- Yeah
- Yeah what?
- Just like that Yep
- Yeah
We sat together in silence for a few minutes and then looking out the window I sensed that his hand was going to explore again
- Focus on driving - I told him and I kept looking out
"I am" he said softly and he did not leave my knee
What the hell does that mean? - I was wondering  You should be happy that we can spend more time together in the next few months  I could feel his hand gently moving to the inner part of my thigh

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