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This Is 1356 year ago
Rouen France
- You want him don't you?
Both Konrad and Eleanor looked at me with surprise and I could see that at first they did not know what to think of my question I count Alexander de Rouen my brother Konrad de Rouen and my wife Eleonora de Rouen I myself am six-foot-two with a proportional build more of a lean-muscle nobleman There are scars on my body in several places as though I had just turned twenty-third I was also the commander of the northern armies and during the constant repelling of normand and English invasions I was not used to watch the battle from a hilltop but to participate in it myself My black hair is up to my waist and now it's hanging under it with its tail wrapped in its tail My aristocratic face is endearing; high vaulted forehead resolutely stands in the midst of my beak-like aristocratic nose with "high intelligence and hidden sense of humor" in my black eyes as once His Majesty II King John noted Man I am the opposite of Codric: a daredevil with a brutal muscular form as far away from sophisticated elegance as the dull plains of the legendary Mongols far from Rouen They wear huts of upper body ropes of muscles swelled over their bodies and if they accompany me on an operation they will use a two-handed broadsword to clean up the ranks of the enemy Both the Normand and the British fear his name and as it has come back to my ears they call it the White Terror When Konrad heard this he laughed in his hollow voice His name was moreover assumed to have been obtained by the curls of creamy almost white which appear from beneath his helmet flapping his shoulders The look of ice blue reflects an immeasurable joy and I don't think so but everyone thinks his features look alike
My wife Eleanor was born of course not de Rouen She was the daughter of a small county in the remote southern provinces who had been with us since childhood He was 20 years old exactly the same age as my brother A bleak flower from near the sunny Marseille who rarely saw sunlight here in the North He was now wearing a white bathrobe which was wetly attached to his body highlighting the full hills of his undersized springy breasts his flat muscular belly and the arches of his long thighs strong from riding flashed beneath the dress unworthy of his rank Of course his "nudity" didn't bother him as a child we often saw him like this when things were not forbidden and when we were not yet associated with love Only now when I saw Konrad's longing look did I realize that I not only fell in love with Eleonora but also with my brother My wife's charming beautiful face gazed at me with astonishment and turned toward Konrad I knew now that my smart woman was aware of Konrad's feelings all along Long blond hair fell on his back and shoulders as he turned to my brother
- Don't hide it Konrad "I know you love me" she said in her sweet voice and my brother blushed I sat behind Eleanor and drew her wet body to me
- What About You Nora? Do you love her?
- Like my husband's brother Alexander - He knocked his head over to my naked shoulder and smiled which I felt more than anything The irony was probably that I'd never seen my wife's naked body before We've always lived our conjugal lives in a dark blind room and only my body has experienced the smooth touch of a flexible body not my eyes I could feel her body though the sun was shining shivering gently because of her wet clothes
- No I'm not "Konrad began in agony but could not finish it" His blue eyes followed my movements as I kissed my wife's neck who was questioning me I don't understand why I did what I did then but I did not wish my brother's suffering The most obvious thing would have been to send Konrad to the south as far away from Eleanor as possible but I knew that they would all feel the absence of my rash brother Without him the castle would have been deserted
- You're shaking
- Because I'm cold  Eleanor smiled
"It will be better - my fingers slipped on my wife's bathing suit and I drew it up" She blushed but then she lifted her arms and let me pull the wet silk off her Her naked body was brightly lit by the sun of the noon and her white alabaster Bloom was pale It was desirable I could feel my groin shaking as I got off the bench Konrad fluttered but could not avert his eyes from Eleanor's body who shyly covered her breasts and closed her legs It was a strange feeling for I felt no jealousy as my brother almost devoured Eleanor with his eyes And I didn't feel jealous when I imagined my brother entering my woman Konrad had a visible effect on the sight of the beloved body and his loincloth sprained wildly and even though he had caught it he could not conceal his enormous tool the size of which surprised even me()


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