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There was a soft breeze in the warm southern night and Annabelle was out walking in the dark She was a little cold and her red top was sticking to her breasts
Her bra and panties were getting more and more uncomfortable He looked around to see if anyone was near him They lived on a rather large tobacco plantation that had been in their family since the Civil War so it was not in its usual environmentbut it was always the servants and their children who had never seen his body or other things before He needed some time alone She took her moist white panties off from under her dress and then she reached up and took off her matching bra He found a small chair and sat down she started stroking her daily-style pussy
He was very fast and five minutes later he was on the verge of a great orgasm when he heard a noise in the bushes Annabelle went there but first she eavesdropped and saw Max the dog she shared with her girlfriend He knew it was the smell of pussy that attracted him "Max scared the hell out of me" he said " while the dog came out and put his head in his lap" His voice had a beautiful southern slope "I thought Toby was here to see me again" Toby was the only male servant on the plantation About a dozen servants though they were workers were grown women and all lesbians or at least bisexual Annabelle and Lola signed them for that very reason Three families lived with them all the time in the house and they all had kids One had two daughters the other had three the third had twins a boy and a girl Toby was known to pee on girls while they were having sex
One night Annabelle caught him watching him play with you and decided to give him something else to think about She's been a strict lesbian since the third grade but she liked to maintain her traditional feminine wiles like scalp-collecting So he invited the 14-year-old into his bedroom undressed him and gave him a blow job He knew he'd enjoy getting sucked off by a brunette with big tits and letting her lick his face and breasts everywhere She wanted to play with her pussy but Annabelle never let a man touch her there
So he fucked me in the chest and hooked up with a really evil girl who lived there This plan backfired and he peeked even more especially when he was in the toilet and every thought turned back to itself  Max started shortening as he took his head from there She was immediately sad with the heat of her dress clinging to her beautiful figure and Lola would not be back for a week
He was surprised when Max put his nose up his dress It was cool for her cunt as soon as she started licking her clitoris He pulled her back as he watched her because her big red cock came out of her sheath and got hard "I'm sorry boy but you know it's wrong You know how Lola would take it"he sighed Max was the only man in Annabelle's life and Lola took him to bed with them who took Annabelle's virginity when she was a senior That was about four years ago when she and Lola first met Lola had sex with Max several times and now all of a sudden there's moral guilt Max looked at her sad with both eyes "I know boy let's ignore the shame You know what a bitch Lola is sometimes Let's make this night even hotter"He stood up took off his clothes and Max began to lick the now-released pussy again" and a strong lick went from his anus to his clitoris and it made him want to suck While Max was licking it he sat down on the grass that cooled his naked butt and tickled it a little bit "All right "he said slowly as the dog entered with his tongue" I don't think a little blowjob can hurt "and he lay there with his head about an hour or so I want you to have a 6 - inch erection while Max's head was on his pussy a wild - ass 69 Sucking a dog's Dick was the best thing that's ever happened to Toby
He definitely grabbed the thick dick before he put it in his mouth Max wouldn't stop with his pussy and he was busy sucking it He put his tongue to the tip and tasted the tears of joy liked it a little salty but good He had his mouth all over that giant dog shit and he took it as deep as he could Max suddenly stopped and started fucking her Annabelle was touching her pussy with one hand and controlling the dog's dick with the other The dog's knot started to grow and Annabelle stopped it before putting it in her mouth Because he was about to come he reached out to the dick with both hands Max stopped fucking and a second later he got hit in the tits by the dog semen He had a lot on his face but more on his chest
He tried to put it in his mouth but it was faster than he could handle and it was already covered in semen


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